Old Joke, Oldest Joke

We have all laughed at the jokes about those poor people who suffer from delusions of being someone else.

Or a chicken.

“My brother thinks he’s a hen.”
“Why not take him to a doctor?”
“I would but we need the eggs!”

How about those unfortunates who believe they are someone famous.

Not the Brittney Spears or Paris Hiltons of this world, but the people who truly believe they are an historical figure from the past.

Which raises the question; “Who did crazy people in humorous stories think they were before they started thinking they were Napoleon?”

It has come to my attention that one of the earliest known Sumerian cuneiform inscriptions says:

“My uncle thinks he’s Hammurabi”.
“You should take him to see a priest.”
“I would, but we need the laws.”

2 responses to “Old Joke, Oldest Joke

  1. Our president thinks he’s king George, unfortunately there is no funny punchline.


  2. honjii, here in Oz we have the same problem with our Prime Minister – again, we all stopped laughing some years ago.


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