Camel Milk

The raincoaster has been singing the praises of Camel Cheese.

Well, not really singing. That would probably be far too hard on bloggears.

She has been chanting “Camel Cheese, Camel Cheese, Camel Cheese, Camel Cheese, Camel Cheese, Camel Cheese, Camel Cheese, Camel Cheese, Camel Cheese, Camel Cheese, Camel Cheese, Camel Cheese!”

To make camel cheese you need camel milk. And perhaps the reason there is not a lot of camel cheese in the stores is because of a camel milk addict in India!

It has been reported that an Indian farmer who has fathered his 21st child at the ripe old age of 90 says he wants to carry on having children until he is 100.

Nanu Ram Jogi is revered by the menfolk of his village in the western desert state of Rajasthan and says he can go on fathering children for at least 10 more years. But his 50-year-old wife who is his fourth wife, says she has had enough after delivering 13 children.

So how has he done all this Biblical-standard begetting?

Mr Jogi attributes his vitality, and his virility, to the miracle of camel milk.

8 responses to “Camel Milk

  1. Will no-one think of the wives? Someone hide that man’s camels!


  2. Rain, Wives? I think it is Wife! I don’t see the problem, though. Have one wife until she wears out, then replace her. Just so long as she can continue milking the camel. We have to keep our masculine priorities in order. Not that easy since we made the mistake of allowing wives to learn how to read and write.

    Now, where are my meds? (note wild attempt to claim insanity to avoid deserved consequences!)


  3. At least we have camel cigarettes.


  4. How do I send a left cross to Australia via UPS?


  5. Sebastian, are they make out of camel milk as well? I admit to preferring a different cigarette. But I don’t inhale!

    Rain, I duck well! Try sending a drawing of a handgrenade.


  6. Sure, noone inhales. It’s like “I did’t have sex with this woman, she, erm, had sex with me!”

    Can you tell me how you got the link to “him” just with the word cigarette and milk? Hehe.


  7. Canada Post just recently banned shipping live munitions through the mail. That would have been SO much cheaper!


  8. Sebastian, My mind is weird – it makes all sorts of strange connections 🙂

    Rain, So I’m safe providing I only open strange pieces of mail from Canuckistan? Perhaps I should not make wild comments in future. Would that make me a little safer?


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