Strange World #2 – Drawing a Gun

OFFICIALS at an Arizona school have suspended a 13-year-old boy for sketching what looked like a gun, saying the action posed a threat to his classmates.

The boy’s parents said the drawing was a harmless doodle and school officials overreacted.

Administrators of Payne Junior High in nearby Chandler suspended the boy on Monday for five days but later reduced it to three days.

The boy’s father, Ben Mosteller, said that when he went to the school to discuss his son’s punishment, school officials mentioned the seriousness of the issue and talked about the 1999 massacre at Colorado’s Columbine High School, where two teenagers shot and killed 12 students, a teacher and themselves.

Mr Mosteller said he was offended by the reference.

Chandler district spokesman Terry Locke said the crude sketch was “absolutely considered a threat,” and that threatening words or pictures are punishable.

Ok, This is a stick-up. Ms Bankteller, I have a picture of a gun here! Hand over the money or I will draw a bullet!

Oh, Ok, Mr BankRobber. Here is a picture of some money.

No wonder there were people disapproving of this. Art is obviously stronger and more offensive than any action!

9 responses to “Strange World #2 – Drawing a Gun

  1. (snicker) If it wasn’t soooo pathetice, it might have been amusing. As it is, it’s just pathetic! A drawing of a gun is more damaging than the real thing. Yeah, right!


  2. His mistake was in not first setting up a drawing account.
    Hey, I’m now thinking about drawing a salary.


  3. Buff, yep, the NRA has to be told about this!

    Cybe, If you do, I’ll draw up an indictment for fraud!


  4. You have to go back to the Goons, “Here’s a photograph of a five pound note!”


  5. Phil, I did 🙂 I couldn’t be too obvious, though, the Herns would have missed the reference.


  6. In the U.S. it is perfectly ok to own a gun. But we get right testy about drawing your gun. These days, Quick Draw McGraw better watch his step.


  7. Linda, yep, drawing a gun shore is dangerous 🙂


  8. He’d have been better off bringing an actual gun to school. Art is not protected by constitutional amendment.


  9. Metro, I get a feeling all authorities hate all art!


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