Red Wattle Bird

When life sends lemons, it is always best to make lemonade.

Unable to photograph the eclipse on Tuesday night, I still found this Red Wattlebird. At around 35cm (16 inches) it is one of our larger honey eaters. The Red Wattle is that little bit of red skin hanging down below the eye.

Having been extremely busy been collecting small sticks and fluffy seeds for nest-building there was no way it stay still for me.

Finally, as the twilight faded into night it stopped for a moment and I was able to catch it with a flash.

Red Wattlebird

2 responses to “Red Wattle Bird

  1. What a nice looking bird… it’s feathers look so shiny!


  2. Lovely; you’re pretty good at this photostuff. And for those of us with double chins, let’s start calling them wattles and painting them bright red. Hey, if you got it, decorate it. It certainly seems to work for baboons’ asses.


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