BBC Quiz of the Week

It is back – Calloo Callay!

No, not the Jabberwocky but the BBC Quiz of the Week.

After a couple of weeks where I haven’t been able to find it, it suddenly re-appeared.

But it was so easy!

“You got 7 right!  A veritable astronaut”

6 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. Oh dear … from the sublime to the almost ridiculous! My guesswork let me down this week. I got 4 and the only one I knew fer shure was the one about the ugly lady.


  2. Wow. I guess I have to start watching the news on the BBC. The only reason I got the Vatican Pilgrims question right was an educated guess. I KNEW about Helmsley, that’s the kind of thing we see in the papers around here… and if it weren’t for my constant scoping of Discovery, New Scientist and Scientific American, I wouldn’t have known about the void in space either.

    Sad to think what we Americans routinely miss.

    BTW, I even got the “better days are ahead” one wrong… It figures HE would have said it, but I hoped that even he wasn’t that insensitive (considering his lack of suppor there!)


  3. Buff, go stand in the corner with the pointy hat 🙂

    dorid, you need to subscribe to the “overseas” RSS feed from the BBC – provided the Dept of Homeland Insecurity hasn’t blocked it.

    az, you could at least acknowledge the extreme efforts I had to make to get the quiz back online – – – Not a thank you, not an offer to wipe my fevered brow, not a thought for my exhausted laptop! Hmm, maybe you shouldn’t think about my laptop – – –


  4. I thought it was a BBQ quiz… I would have done much better if it were!


  5. Sharon, I must try to invent a BBQ quiz 🙂


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