US Attorney General Gonzales Resigns

US Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales has resigned, The New York Times says on its website, citing a senior administration official.

The official said an announcement would be made later in the day but Justice Department officials were not immediately available to comment on the resignation report.

The official told The Times Mr Gonzales had told Mr Bush on Friday in a telephone call he would resign.

The 51-year-old has been at the centre of a political firestorm for President George W Bush over the sacking of eight federal prosecutors, which critics in Congress complained were politically motivated. I seem to recall that it is possible he perjured himself before Congressional enquiry or admitted ignorance.

In fact, Wikipedia notes, “Through his testimony before Congress on issues ranging from the Patriot Act to U.S. Attorney firings, he has commonly admitted ignorance.”

Just what the world needed. An ignorant Attorney-General in the employ of an ignorant President!

5 responses to “US Attorney General Gonzales Resigns

  1. The single and only plus to having Gonzo as AG has been that John Ashcroft isn’t there any longer.

    Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m assimiwating a wace.”
    Fudd of Borg


  2. Cybe, that makes me feel so much better – there was a plus to his existence! Now I’m off to consider Elmer of Borg’s associate, Seven of Nine! Whooo hooooooo


  3. At least Ashcroft had some integrity. Don’t get me wrong, I did not like him, and when he decided that the statue of justice needed to have her breast covered up, I about had a conniption. Granted, his right wing fundamentalist Christianity made him a poor choice for AG, but he was not a liar.

    Wonder who Bush is going to get to replace Gonzales?


  4. here I have been reading the news assiduously and you have not posted a link to the quiz. I’m crushed.


  5. hmh, Bush has had problems with Justice – hmmm – that may be a personal failing!

    As for the quiz, it appears that either I have failed to see the link (and I DO watch for it on my Fridays) or the BBC has not posted it for two weeks in a row! Grumble Grumble.


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