Darwin Award Entrant

Kalgoorlie in Western Australia’s goldfields region, 2:00am AWST. Police are chasing a car.

Remember that this is 2 AM; it is dark!

The driver, in his attempt to escape, veers off the road into bushland.

The man jumps out of his car and tries to hide from police by lying on the ground. Quite understandable as there are no trees to hide behind or to imitate.

Excepting that a little bush-bashing is kinda fun out there. Everyone does it. Even the Police, in hot pursuit.

Yes, the obvious happens. In the dark, looking for a vertical human, a horizontal log in their path is ignored. More than that, it is driven over!

That sucker ain’t never gonna try to run away from the cops again!

The funeral will be sometime soon and the gene pool has been improved just a little!

Darwin wins again.

3 responses to “Darwin Award Entrant

  1. Reminds me of my mate who, in 1979, his first year as a doctor, was sent to a small western Queensland hospital for a term.

    The biggest social event of the year was the B&S Ball and my mate went along and drank as much as everyone else. He regretted this mightily when the call came at 5am that a hit & run accident was discovered a few kilometers out of town. Another party-goer had stopped to relieve himself by the roadside on his way home and had been knocked over by a semi-trailer with extreme prejudice.

    Queasy though he was, my mate stopped his vehicle well short of the body, thinking there’ll be forensic evidence, tyre prints, flecks of paint, etc to be preserved. After confirming that the victim was indeed deceased, my mate stood well back and waited for the police to arrive.

    Unfortunately, the police had also been to the B&S Ball and arrived at high speed with a sudden braking, a slide, a shower of gravel and a “Bump Bump” sound as they ran over the body. No problem, they threw it in reverse and, you guessed it, “Bump Bump”, ran over the body again.

    My mate was too busy throwing up to worry about forensic evidence any more. I think the verdict was “Death by Misadventure”.


  2. Yes the obvious happens.


  3. Mike, Yikes, those were the public protectors? Oh, of course – during Joh’s reign 🙂

    Keshuvko – surprisingly often, yet people keep trying to beat the odds.


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