Another Worthless Theory Scientists Want You to Believe

It is incredible the lengths scientists will go to mislead you.

Trying to take you from the true teachings of the infallible and unchanging Book of the Lord.

This information I am about to impart is so shocking that I dare not leave it in the open, on the main page of this blog.

If you are over 21 and have the approval of your pastor then you may look and learn more of the perfidy of Science.

Here is the truth about yet another Theory which they keep tinkering with and falsely present as fact!


15 responses to “Another Worthless Theory Scientists Want You to Believe

  1. archie

    sure, there are many “christians” who say silly things about science. but there are also many scientists who say silly things about science. there are good scientists and bad scientists.



  2. Those wacky science-guys! Always with the “theory of this” and the “theory of that”. Just lately there was this thing in the paper about some “Law of Gravity” … what crazy cockeyed nonsense will they come up with next?


  3. Oh, now Archie, play fair. Cobb County DID take the stupid stickers out of the science books.

    Having once lived in Cobb County, and having had kids in school there, I can tell you that I was surprised that they had come out with the stickers rather than some of the more backward counties around there (like Cherokee).

    I have to say Georgia as a whole is rather drenched in bible generated stupidity… the reason I loathed the very thought of ever going back (except to see the whale sharks at the Atlanta Aquarium).


  4. jonolan, OK…

    PB and J, the difference is that the bad scientists are weeded out by their own. Bad Christians are accepted and encouraged.

    Metro, Not that stupid Law of Gravity stuff again? They will never learn!

    dorid, they have whale sharks in captivity? That is the ultimate pits! Having swum with them in the open ocean, I cannot imagine them in a cage! It does seem appropriate somehow. The keep their children’s minds in cages as well!


  5. archie

    good pt. i concede. bad scientists are MORE OFTEN weeded out. however, tenure does wonders, and this applies for any professor, not just scientists (cause most scientists work at a school as a prof). on the other hand, bad “christians” are not reprimanded, and if they are, they just split from the church they are in and join a crazy new movement or whatever.



  6. PB and J, The problem is on both sides. In some circles, scientists are seen as an amorphous mass, while very few scientists do research. Most are teachers or lecturers or engineers. Many of the Creationist Scientists are teachers or lecturers or engineers (or are in fields totally removed from evolutionary research. On the other side, scientists, the real, researching type, have started to lump all christians together as fundamentalist no-nothings with probably damaged genes. The truth is, of course, quite different. Most christians are sensible and reasonable human beings who do not limit their god to the faulty and oft mis-translated writings of man.

    Actually, the geographic clusters of ID’ers and CS’ers would, in another discipline, resemble disease clusters. Possibly it is a virus of some description.


  7. I find it difficult to believe that a bunch of fundamentalist christians espoused an obviously Pagan list of the elements.


  8. Oh, but wait. They forgot the Fifth Element: spirit


  9. “Metro, Not that stupid Law of Gravity stuff again? They will never learn!”

    Most unfortunately, the Law of Gravity is one that makes its presence much too known these days for my liking . . . apparently Gravity always wins in the end. Unless you have a very good surgeon.


  10. And even then, it still wins, You only delay the effects for a while through surgery.


  11. Ohhhh yeaaaah?
    Check this out.


  12. I checked it out, and it raises a lot of questions in my mind. Like, what happens if the threads break? The doctors “just insert” the silicon support 1 cm under the skin? What happens if your body decides to reject the titanium screws that are holding the whole shebang up? (I have seen people’s bodies doing exactly that when they have had plates and screws put in ankles and wrists after breaks — the body starts pushing the screw out through the skin. Doesn’t that sound attractive?) What kind of pain do you experience if you are riding horseback? Or running? Is there any problem caused by lying on your side to sleep and putting strain on the “string” that supports the silicon plate?

    It all sounds about as useful and pleasant as surgery designed to give a man a permanent erection.


  13. Archie: the geographic clusters of ID’ers and CS’ers … resemble disease clusters 😛


  14. Mike, if I were any sort of writer, I could write a whole book around that concept and make a fortune 🙂


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