The Ultimate Spoiler

I hate hate hate it when people spoil the ending of a book for me!

Or give away key details of the plot.

I’m recovering from avoiding much of the internet so I could read Harry Potter #7 without coming across any spoilers.

Now a friend has given me the ultimate spoiler! Not for Harry and his wizardly mates.

It is another best speller.

I do not see why I shouldn’t spoil it for you as well!


He dies on page 724!

17 responses to “The Ultimate Spoiler

  1. ROTFL… yeah, he dies on 4 DIFFERENT PAGES, in EVERY SINGLE PRINTING. You’d think the editor would have noticed the redundancy, but the darn book is FULL of inconsistencies in plot and strange errors. I’ll tell you, my main problem with the story is that it goes TOO FAR in asking you to suspend disbelief. The characters are shallow and two dimensional, are unlikably harsh and cruel for the most part, and despite the earlier foreshadowing, the main character does nothing to live up to the roll of “hero”.

    It’s a disappointment on every level, although there is some good poetry in some parts, and lots of action which adolescent boys might find appealing, especially all the burning of towns and bloody murders.

    I give it one and a half stars… but only because I’m feeling generous today.


  2. Awwww, I didn’t want to let slip that he died four times. One and a half stars? I would give it two because of all the laying with and the begetting.


  3. XDDDD
    well done!! 😀
    I can’t stand when someone tells me what happens in a book or movie. I prefer not to have details! Not even the “trailers” do you know? Because trailers now, explain almost the whole plot!!


  4. Okay, now azahar’s comment made me laugh out loud!


  5. nuvol, I think this book would make a terrible film. The plot is non-existent.

    az, some carpenter guy – he lived by the wood and he died by the wood.

    hmh, yep – so did I! Will I go to Hell?


  6. Well, there goes that mystery.


  7. Janey, well, it’s your own fault – you’ve had 2,000 years to finish it! 🙂


  8. Thanks dudes – I made myself laugh out loud too with that one. 😉

    Archie, I am quite sure you will be going to hell in a handcart, whatever the fuck that means. Feel proud!

    And yes, I also spent weeks hoping I wouldn’t come across a Deathly Hallows spoiler … and managed it.

    I remember once mentioning to someone that I was about to go see a film (won’t say which one) and they said – “Ohhh, it’s so awful when the father gets killed!” And I just stood there sputtering until I finally got out between clenched teeth – “Well thank you very much for not making it necessary to see the film now!” Gaaaaa, I hate it when people do that!

    You also have to be very careful about which book and film reviews you read as they often – and very stupidly – contain spoilers. Like, duh!!!

    Also many film trailers are soooo long and give away so much of the plot that it’s no longer necessary to see the film.

    Grrr . . .


  9. Damn, me and my procrastination!


  10. Janey, you really should have finished it by now 🙂


  11. I meant to, I did. But I figured it would never live up to the hype. You know, like Titanic.


  12. Janey, and there are no sequels! I can’t see it becoming a truly great franchise.


  13. So true! But then again, they made up for it in merchandising.


  14. Janey, I hate it when they over-hype a product like that.


  15. So do I. It’s like walking into Walmart and getting visually assaulted by Halloween decorations…in July.


  16. Janey, that is a great visual – 🙂


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