Some Extra-Curricula Reading

In my wandering through the blogipelago I sometimes come across examples of exceptional writing.

Yesterday I found two pieces which caught my attention.

The first was actually an eBay listing by a blogger. Head on down to where she describes the articles for sale. A tale of terror and destruction unfolds. If you are interested, her blog is quite new although it will be worth watching.

The other story is totally different and may need a tissue. Always a great read, Linda from the Back Nine, has out-done herself this time. It is a tale from “the Fun House”, a Nursing Home with which she has an association.

3 responses to “Some Extra-Curricula Reading

  1. Thanks, Archie. Coming from a lad I much enjoy, that means a lot. I doff my verbal hat to you.


  2. Linda, I thank you. I am happy to get as much emotion into an entire post as you do in a single sentence. [I tips me Titfer to you] 🙂


  3. Thanks for the tips, Archie.

    I enjoyed reading both of these posts, and started surfing around Linda’s blog to find other fun stuff. Even though I was amused by the Ebay post, it did start to annoy me by the end. And this got her thousands of hits? Okay, so I’m jealous! If I got that many comments I don’t know what I would do. Anyway, I started to ask myself that if you are going to have six kids (and they do know what causes this now, you know) you ought to be a little more committed to teaching them some discipline before you take them to the store. My mother had four kids, and we would NEVER have acted that way in the supermarket. If you know your kids are going to act that way in the bakery section, why even go there? But it was still funny, well written, and the best reason for having something for sale on Ebay that I have ever read.


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