Rule 34

I have just come back from a visit to xkcd to see what Randall has been doing.

It looks like a brain-storming session is underway.



The only problem with what Randall does is that he creates flat, wide picture boards. Too wide for my blog theme to handle. So I cannot use his “hot link” which would be my first preference. So, I have to do the download thing which always makes me feel a little guilty.

Anyway, I’m now off to develop more guilt as I check out – – –

It may give me a few clues on how to set up

4 responses to “Rule 34

  1. ROTFL… didn’t take long to set up, did it 😉

    I’m wondering how many submissions it’ll get.


  2. Oh no! You didn’t! You couldn’t!

    You DID. This is embarrassing.

    I have a friend who created a porn site for guitars.

    Why am I thinking of Bond in the shower?


  3. No homoerotic spelling bees? Wow, he doesn’t know the same people I know.


  4. Re nonprofit copying XKCD, Munroe is totally cool with it:


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