archie muses again

i do not see why people are so interested
boss in how tall they are for to be tall
is to be noticed and if you are noticed
great heavy shoes are apt to land
upon your carapace and leave you fractured and sore

i have read that there are human mehitabels
who try to be taller than their bones allow
and wear spiky things under their heels
which can be completely fatal to such as i

while growing tall may seem good
it is silly if the doors are not made higher
and the beds longer

although if i were taller and bigger and had boots
the gnats would fear me with cause

but being small and short is safer


2 responses to “archie muses again

  1. Sehr geEhrter AerChie

    Are you a large Spider ?

    If yes, you are safe from me

    The same cannot be said for the plastic wRapped fruit of the Bacon Tree, which commonly falls prey dans la SuperMarche to predatory Eagles bearing Cash-Cards

    Yr obedt servt etc

    G Eagle


  2. herr G EAgLE, my friend, the head butting cockroach is not a spider although he has written of the arachnid species. archie is explained here

    Somehow, sometimes, he invades my keyboard and I find these occasional offerings.


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