Stiletto Race

Now that the raincoaster has been suborned, sweet-talked and seduced by the flashy Manolo, there is no way she would be interested in the following.
High heels failed to stop a 24-year-old woman from sprinting the 100 metres in a creditable 14.7 seconds to take first prize and a large shopping voucher in the annual Berlin Stiletto Run on Saturday.

The event, one of the highlights of the Global Fashion Festival, was electronically timed.

The stiletto heels had to be at least 7 centimeters (2.75 inches) high and no more than 1.5 centimeters (0.6 inches) wide at the tip.

Hey, 14.7 seconds for a 100 metres is a pretty good pace – but to do it in stilettos? That is great going.

Denise Hanitzsch, a resident of the German capital, edged out 99 other competitors to take the prize of 10,000 euros.

“I have to run around every day with high heels on, and I’ve always been a good runner,” Hanitzsch told the German tabloid Bild.

Asked about her technique, Hanitzsch said: “Make your strides as big as possible and never let your foot roll back onto the heel.”

Asked how she would spend her prize — a €10,000 ($13,500) gift certificate for Berlin’s upscale KaDeWe department store — Hanitzsch told Bild: “On shoes! What else?”

4 responses to “Stiletto Race

  1. Darling, some of us have been following the two-legged racers for years!

    That girl needs some better shoes; those knockoffs are horrible!


  2. Rain, Oh well, I’m only a mere male – slow and dense and not really into shoes as a hobby. And a little impatient mocking with those who are – – –


  3. Dunno about running in them, but I well remember dancing the night away in 5-inch heels in my time!


  4. Oh, you just hit on one of my pet peeves as a massage therapist. It has been clearly shown through published scinetific research that wearing heels higher than half an inch causes damage to the wearer’s knees, hips and lower backs. Plus it makes your feet hurt. When I am working on people who complain about knee and hip and lower back pain, the first thing I do is look at their shoes. This research is explained to them, and if they come back to me wearing the same crappy shoes and experiencing knee pains they don’t get a whole lot of sympathy from me. This goes for men as well as women, by the way. And they were running in them? For money? OH, I must go take deep breaths now.


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