I have just been thinking about the all times I used to spend fishing.

A favorite technique was to find a nice tall Ponderosa Pine tree at the edge of a
stream. I would sit down in the shade in front of it and cast my line
into one little eddy after another.

I really enjoyed those days of . . .

Casting swirls before pine.

9 responses to “Ponderosa

  1. If I told you once, I told you a million times! Fun pun, Archie dear


  2. hmh, technically, I think that one is a Spoonerism

    Dorid, Yep – gotcha again 🙂


  3. …or should that be Roospernism?


  4. FikeMitz, there once was a starlet named Rhonda. Her publicist spent so much time organising her photoshoots that he became known as the Rhondha Poser – – –


  5. YY U R
    YY U B
    I C U R
    YY 4 Me


  6. You are right, it is a spoonerism. I’ll be darned. I learned something today.


  7. hmh, see, we at the archive are educators of the highest order 😉


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