Cthulhu’s Kthids

In the Far East there are rumours of Chtulhu spawning and supplying hordes of Kthids for the entertainment of little Far Easterners..

Hundreds of Kthids.

Posing as playground equipment.

Which is fine if you want every toddling soul in Japan eaten.

Check out the Pink Tentacle! for more of these cephalopodic playscapes intruders.

Thanks to my blogapeligo spy, Cybe.

8 responses to “Cthulhu’s Kthids

  1. I greatly enjoy writerly writing and the odd bit of writting. You do both at the same time which is odd, Bob, uh Archie.


  2. Paul, thank you – I think 🙂 Oh, not Bob.


  3. That is highly freaky. Good find.


  4. He seems to be blind on one eye, doesn’t he?


  5. raincoaster, the highly freaky part is that there appear to be hundreds of them in Japan.



  6. Rain, coming from the Queen of Cthulhu, I am honoured.

    Daniel, I think he is spawned like that, with one eye turned to those eldritch dimensions from whence his odious kind originate.

    Cybe, I cannot thank you enough for this one 🙂


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  8. Glad to have been of assistance.



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