Harry Potter and the Squidly Menace

Wandering the Blogapeligo one sometimes comes across an insight on a subject one has just written upon. An insight one wishes one had made oneself.

In other words, I really, really wish I had made the connection between the interference of the Department of Magic in the education and curriculum being offered by Hogwarts and certain Muggle Governments which insist on interfering with education and curricula which was made by Dorid on her Radula Blog.

And in that simple insight she has combined religion, science, politics and stupidity. No stupidity on her part, but on the part of the interferers.

Head on over there and read the best summary review of the series I have found. No spoilers, either!

Dorid has also added the most original suggestion for HP8!

The Boy Wizard takes on Cthulhu, the green, sticky spawn of the stars.

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

3 responses to “Harry Potter and the Squidly Menace

  1. dang, I wish I’d have THOUGHT of Cthulhu… I was just making the Pirates of the Caribbean comparison (Davy Jones). Cthulu would have been MUCH cooler.

    And thanks for the endorsement of the review.


  2. I’d buy that book. IN fact, if I can find the Potter texts online, I might damn well adapt it into being.


  3. Dorid, I have spent too much time both under the blankets with a torch and an HP Lovecraft novel in my youth and too much time on Raincoaster’s blog during my short but terrified life as a blogger not to see Cthulhu behind everything squiddish.

    Rain, and I may damn well buy such a publication 🙂 Although JK herself may argue. She has but a billion dollars for her retirement.


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