The Wombat – a limerick

The Australian Wombat weaves
A legend of what he achieves
When out on a date
With a wombatty mate.
He always eats roots shoots and leaves.

8 responses to “The Wombat – a limerick

  1. Like the limerick and the Wombats too! I thought it was lymeric… but I could be crazy!


  2. Better than than hanging around all night, snoring!


  3. Sharon, thanks, I do waste my time with those little bits of alleged verse 🙂 It IS limerick – same as the place in Ireland, although there is no historical proof that they originated there.

    Rain, you wombat molester, you! They do snore loudly, don’t they 🙂


  4. Speaking of the Irish: my intro to the Aussie use of the word “root” came when an Irish co-worker at the Sydney Olympics told my boss she’d “have a root around in the filing cabinet” to see if she could find a document.

    You may imagine the reaction in the office.


  5. ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!! I have been paging back through the xkcd site and came across this limerick:

    A kindred spirit, I see.

    Cybe -BTW, see also:


  6. Metro, I can indeed – it is a little known fact (outside of Australia) that the first adhesive cellophane tape to arrive in the land of Oz was labelled “Durex”. As many Aussies moved to Britain (where Durex was the main competitor for Ansell) for their big coming of age adventure and then got work in offices, there were lots of red faces when the obvious question was asked across the suddenly stilled office – “Where the bloody hell is the Durex?”

    Cybe, I had seen that – yes definitely a talented limericist, a cartoonist and a subversive as well 🙂


  7. I’m aware of a product hight “Durex”, but not Ansell. Do they compete with Trojans?


  8. Metro, yep, you’ve got the idea 😉


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