Classical Humour

 It has been a while since I posted a You Tube Vid.

It has been a while since I have seen one which made me laugh out loud.

I found this over on Metro’s blog where he had a rant on mobile phone use in vehicles. I have problems with mobile phones in cars, in cinemas, in restaurants.

Smoking has been banned indoors in many advanced and enlightened jurisdictions and I see no reasons why mobile phones should not be treated the same!

Here is the classic example of why you should never talk on a mobile phone while listening to the classics. Certainly not fired-up “Hooked on Classics” people like this.

3 responses to “Classical Humour

  1. Hmmm, nothing there for my browser but youtube works f ine.



  2. I wonder if the bounce I had yesterday has something to do with not even being able to bring this up, let alone download it by dial-up?


  3. I know – strange things are happening with this – I can’t get back into it. I’ll have to try and reset it.


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