Truth in Labelling

Found whilst browsing over at Former Frontier Editor. I think Raincoaster borrowed it as well. I hope she doesn’t tumble-dry it before she returns it.

Originally it was somewhere on a starry starry blog



6 responses to “Truth in Labelling

  1. Oh I love this! How wonderfully subversive – just think of all the different messages you could send out on the labels in clothes! You could organise revolutions!


  2. Litlove, shhh – you may attract the Dept. of Homeland Security. What a tale to tell that would be. “I was held in Gauntanomo because I printed subversive clothing labels”. A best seller! 🙂


  3. Or at the very least, you might end up on a ‘no-fly’ list.


  4. mister anchovy, I wouldn’t fly anyway – too many terrorists 🙂


  5. Many of them wearing Fatherland Insanity uniforms …


  6. Metro, Haven’t they always?


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