More Cougar Hunting

Bullfrog’s comment on a previous post referred to a four-year-old TV commercial which was removed from our screens following some complaints to our censorious watchdogs.

The effectiveness of this commercial is shown by the continued use of the catch-phrase at the end.

Here is the infamous “Five Cougars”.

I used another commercial in a previous post; Drop Bears,  Perhaps it is a sign of the times when the ads are more entertaining than the programs!

5 responses to “More Cougar Hunting

  1. WC, umm – yep. It was pretty crass. But the drop bears one was funny.


  2. Hmmm. Around here if a bloke were in line waiting for five drinks, chances are he could be buying for five cougars.

    “Cougar” hereabouts is a term for une femme d’une certaine age,” and many a likely lad has been made into a slightly improbable man with their willing assistance.


  3. Metro, the range of euphemisms seems to rise with the rise of communications. sgnd, Likely Lad


  4. Cougars don’t drink bourbon. They drink Cosmopolitans, Bacardi and Diet Coke, and Vodka Martinis.

    So that is the mistake I keep making!


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