101 Uses For A John Howard #75

Once again, Australia’s great cartoonist, Kudelka, makes his point with wonderful clarity.


Legendary batsman W.G. Grace once, after being given out, calmly informed the umpire “The crowd has come to see me bat, not you umpire” and cheerfully continued on with his innings. W.G. Grace was not one for walking.

Fast forward to the equally legendary J.W. Howard, eleven years not out, lower lip jutting belligerantly down the pitch, P. Costello, sitting anxiously back in the pavilion, pads on, wondering whether it would be safe to nip into the toilets for a quick slash. Yes Pete, it’s safe. The little guy considers an upraised finger to be the umpire’s way of asking to be replaced by someone with better eyesight.

W.G.’s overall first class average of 39.45 is said to have been dragged down by his playing on well into his fifties, but while some might say there’s a lesson in that, I’ll leave the last words to bowler Charles Kortright who had already had W.G. out four or five times in a county match only to have his appeals turned down by the umpires. Finally after uprooting two of Grace’s three stumps, with Grace reluctantly leaving the crease, Kortright asked “Surely you’re not going, doctor? There’s still one stump standing.”

Archie Archive: Defeating John Howard and winning the election, one post at a time. 

2 responses to “101 Uses For A John Howard #75

  1. ROFL That is just soooo apt! I love it … not The Toad, but the spoof! Well done to the artist and the publisher!


  2. buff, I approve of cricket – I approve of WG – I do not approve of toads.


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