Photo Hunt 68: Creative

 This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Creative”.

I only wish this was creative. I risked life and limb to get this shot.

It is a very rare photograph of the dangerous Australian Desert Shark.


This was taken some 2,000 Km North of Perth, in the Great Sandy Desert. The line of White Gums at the base of the sand dune indicates an underground stream. Always a likely spot to lose a travelling companion or two to this lttle known but greatly feared desert denizen.

16 responses to “Photo Hunt 68: Creative

  1. WOW~ this looks SO awesome.


  2. Is that for real? Cool!


  3. wow, that is really creative–nice shot!!


  4. Wow ! and I really thought it was a Photo Shop creation, but it’s true apparentlly, I didn’t even know about this kind of shark !


  5. Desert sharks. Now that is original! Only desert sharks I heard of is in triathalon, or a fighter plane. Did a good job in creating that one. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.


  6. I was thinking this is a result of PS. I like your entry. A shark in the desert. Thanks for choosing this to post.


  7. Very creative and original! Awesome photo. 🙂


  8. Here in Canada, we have the dreaded tundra shark, a fierce beast that gobbles up unsuspecting travelers to the Arctic.


  9. Everyone, thank you for the kind comments. I very carefully did not mention our other nasty creature, the Drop Bear


  10. WOW! I had never heard of that creature. . . your photo is veery creative.

    Come and see mine.


  11. Haha…Australian Desert Shark. That’s real creative. Happy Weekend!


  12. Seems to me this is a bit of a prophecy into the future

    Like, after the nuclear holocausts or Armageddon


  13. Paulie, I did – ’twas pretty neat.

    Criz, thanks 🙂

    Dr Mom, I beleive they have already begun migrating towards the coast. Perhaps one day they will return to open water.


  14. … but why migrate to open water, when you’ve got Australian tourists to supply your basic needs for food and moisture


  15. Herr G eaGle, alas, as aviation fuel supplies run out, and as sea transport becomes dangerous due to excess hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones and Rising Cthulhu’s there will be a much lower number of available touristas for this nasty beast.

    Come to Australia where, if the Drop Bears don’t get you, the Desert Sharks will!


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