BBC Quiz of the Week

It is that time of the week again.   BBC News Quiz of the Week time.

I got lucky and scored 6/7

How will you go?

9 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. Oh dear! I got lucky and scored 4!

    I like your stuff. I write, too, although none of it’s on my blog. Er that’s it. Liked your short story and also particularly enjoyed your poem about icebergs.



    PS I also read Thud but last year – god bless cheapy half price hard back!


  2. A 2. How dismal, better stop watching Fox News.


  3. I only got two right. Disconcertingly, they were the ones about the cat and the seagull. I suspect this reflects badly on my intellect. Bollickles.

    Thank you for your lovely comment btw. Made me feel all warm.


  4. az, well done.

    Babychaos, welcome. 4 is good. thanks for the kind words about my writing. Especially the Icebergs thing. I have never been sure of that.

    Ian! 2 is quite unacceptable for an edjumakated person! Oh, you watch Fox. 2 is acceptable 🙂

    Pesk, I am adding “Bollickles” to “Guzzlemunched” in my listb of stolen words and will using them in my own work at some stage. That comment was made under the influence of your tale of the old lady and the image of your daughter’s note. I’ll be revisiting.


  5. Oh dear. I got three … pussycat, seagull and Dick Cheney … does that mean I take more notice of the lower forms of animal?


  6. Buff, lower forms of life – definitely. Except for the cats and seagulls which are quite high on the tree of life.


  7. You scribbled:
    “…the cats and seagulls which are quite high on the tree of life.”

    I once tried that but couldn’t keep it burning. Settled for a Bush. Got me high as a mountain!



  8. Cybe, I had noticed that most Governments are trying to make the Tree of Life extinct!


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