The EWWWWW Factor Diet

Here at the Archive we are subject to a continual barrage of encouragement nagging to lose a few Kilos.

I do know I need to take 10 or 20 a few centimetres off the old waistline and I have adapted my diet in some small ways.

I invented the Pizza diet

I tried the Low GI diet, but all the GI’s I know are too tall.

I tried a modified Atkins diet. I have increased the percentage of protein without reducing the quantity of Carbs.

I have even tried the exercise thing. Lightly and with much recovery time and a few beers to avoid dehydration.

However, there are some lengths to which I will not go!

No, Nurse Myra, I will not be sending off for these!


4 responses to “The EWWWWW Factor Diet

  1. but archie there’s “no danger”….


  2. Salve AerChie Maxime [Hi, Aerchie Dudeius]

    This gives a Fresh Insight into the expression

    “Trust me, I’m a Nurse”

    Ex Amerika semper Aliquid Novi
    [Always something odd from America]

    Vale [I remain your apprehensive servant etc]

    Aquila non Candida [the Gray Eagle – my Latin-Adviser tells me the Romans weren’t very good at colours]


  3. A very famous US actress used this technique … can’t remember her name. Or was it Maria Callas? Dang my memory!


  4. nursemyra, Laudanum was also supposed to be harmless.

    Herr g EagLe, Hey, I like being the Ærchie Dude 🙂 Nurses are best left in their natural habitat. In Australia they are an endangering species.

    az, I didn’t know that.


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