Storm Surfer

Trigg Island Beach, on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Not a world-class break, but acceptable for those whose lives are dictated to by the need to earn a living in Perth’s currently booming economy.

The break was made worse by strong onshore storm winds and a nasty chop.

Yet still there were rideable waves for this enthusiast.

Posted for the Papersurfer since, once again, he did not surf today and for any other surfing readers of this archive.




4 responses to “Storm Surfer

  1. Looks very cold to me!


  2. Buff, it was certainly cold in the wind. Everyone in the water was in wet suits.


  3. Thanks for that Archie. Strangely I did surf today – hence the lack of blogging….! (Nice pics btw.)


  4. penfold, Good to see you have taken time off from the fires to go surfing.


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