Julius Caesar

One fine day in ancient Rome, Julius Caesar (so, of course, this post is in Imperial Purple) turned his attention from his wood-fired olive, ham and mozzarella pizza and wondering what to do with some romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, an egg and some black pepper, to a problem plaguing his mighty empire: laundry.

Getting all those white togas cleaned of the constant pizza stains was a constant pain. He also had some weird ideas that if he could get the togas stiff enough, they would be like a light coat of armor… not enough to last through a sustained battle, but enough to ward off an assassin’s arrow.

He figured the easiest way to get this done on a large scale would be to dump a bunch of detergent into a tidal pool, and dump the toga’s in afterwards. (This was two thousand years ago… the environmental movement was restricted to a few druids here and there). The gentle motion of the tides would wash the dirt out. Afterwards, all that would have to be done would be to throw some starch in, and then pull the toga’s out to dry.

He assigned this task to some of his scientists and engineers. They started executing his plan, and all was going well until they threw in the starch.

The goddess of nature, angered at the environmental destruction, caused a huge tidal wave to spring up and wash over the assembled workers. A stiff breeze afterwards dried them off so quickly they were all frozen into place.

After finishing his pizza and tossing his salad to the side, Caesar began to wonder about the progress of the enterprise, so he decided to visit the site with some of his advisors. Arriving at the tidal pool, he was unable to make heads or tails of the sight of his workers stuck standing there.

Until of course, one of his advisors whispered to him: . . .

“Beware, the tides of starch.”

11 responses to “Julius Caesar

  1. (snicker) Sounds like the fellow works for the Department of the Prime Minister in Canberra … inanity seems to be stock in trade for them there bee-you-ro-crats!


  2. I have to admit a fondness to terrible puns….but at the same time feel I must point out that a Caesar salad is not a Caesar salad without anchovies.


  3. Buff, I don’t think Government has changed much over the millenia.

    mister anchovy, the original recipe didn’t include anchovy. That flavour came from the worcestershire sauce. For more bad puns – stick around 🙂


  4. If a pun is so bad that it makes you queasy does that mean it’s done its job?


  5. iAN, Oh Yes!!!! The ultimate is where the reader/listener is physically ill. Somewhat like the effect of a Vogon reading his own poetry. I hope to do better in the future.


  6. WC, hehehehe – gotcha!




  8. Cave idus Martias, Archie, periculum tuum maximum est.


  9. Oi! Ashleigh stole my line!


  10. Ashleigh, Wheeee – the sweet sound of success.

    MikeFitz, “Hollow place Ides Martyr risk your large is” hmmm – I think you are suggesting that I have a empty head and that I will be in danger in the middle of the month.

    az, feel free to re-use it, it is as honey to my ears [weg]


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