Hunting the Hunters

Setting out onto the ocean blue can have its moments.

Travelling a few kilometres into the  Indian Ocean can lead to interesting encounters.

On Sunday, Pat McCarthy and his two sons set out, in a 6 metre (18ft) boat for a quiet day wreaking havoc upon the piscine inhabitants of the  Ocean, with a camera on hand to record their wonderful achievements.

In what seemed to be a good spot, with two other boats nearby, the day’s fishing began. Suddenly the tables were turned.

A Great White in excess of 5 metres suddenly appeared and for around half an hour the hunters were hunted by the circling Jaws Junior.

More images are available with a click.

2 responses to “Hunting the Hunters

  1. That’s over 16 feet!!! Big’un! And why do they call them “Great Whites” when they are very obviously grey???


  2. Buff, it is indeed a biggun. I’m so glad I never took up surfing! I think it is their tummy which is white.


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