Share Trading

One day, a young stockbroker bought 1000 shares in a company called Frule
Ltd. The share prices rose dramatically. He advised his richest customer to
buy the same stock. The customer bought and immediately doubled his money.

A week later, the stockbroker heard good things about a company called
Peeple Ltd so he bought 1000 shares. Again, the share prices rose
astronomically. He called the rich customer and advised him to buy.

The rich customer said, “I’m thinking of buying shares for each of my sales
people as a reward for their service. Let me think about this for awhile.”

The next day, the Frule shares they had originally bought began a
downward spiral. They adopted a “wait and see” attitude, but at the
end of the second day of losses, the agitated customer called the
stockbroker and said, “I want those shares… of the Peeple, for the people!
Buy the Peeple! Sell Frule!”

First committed by a friendly Canadian Goose.

4 responses to “Share Trading

  1. Bright green on grey doesn’t work for me. I could read the text by selecting it with my mouse, but not as it stood…

    ..oh and I think I must be becoming a curmudgeon, too, as it took me a while to “get” it – but I did “get” it after giving it a bit of thought. 🙂


  2. Yep, Buff said the same – that is “Lime” so I shall change it.


  3. Thanks, that is much more easily red!


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