Sheep Run

 Test the speed of your reactions here at the

Sheep Run

I barely made it to the Bobbin’ Bobcat grade but I had some fun doing it.

I just wonder wether or not ewe would accept this if I were to ram it into the blogoswamp as a quiz or should I take it on the lamb?

3 responses to “Sheep Run

  1. I’m an ambling armadillo…


  2. Frustrating and annoying .. I also attained the ambling armadillo assessment! Note the alliteration … maybe that’s the reason. 🙂


  3. Ashleigh, you are allowed to do it more than once – My natural reflexes now seem to be stuck at BB.

    Buff, All alliteration is alarming for ambitiously ambling armadillos attaining assessment. AOK?


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