Blogoswamp Scandal

I had not realised raincoaster has moved to Seattle.

And has followed Britney into rehab. Maybe we will find a “raincoaster rehab doll” to match our friendly Britney Rehab Doll.


Found over on the Back Nine.

6 responses to “Blogoswamp Scandal

  1. Perhaps we should introduce raincoaster to the Lady Ann? Maybe their karma is to become friends through Australian intervention?


  2. It’s so nice to find good news first thing in the morning. But I doubt Raincoaster is rehabilitatable.

    Besides, will the Fatherland Insanity–sorry, I mean Homeland Security types let her in?


  3. Squid, people. SQUID!


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  5. Buff, it is not safe to introduce raincoaster to anyone. Those tentacles are real!

    Metro, I’m glad you think this is good news. I heard she booked herself out after 24 hours!

    raincoaster, octpi, squid, whatever – there are tentacles involved! YEEEEECK!


  6. It’s easy to go over the wall when your arms have suckers on them.


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