Mother’s Days Gifts

Today, Sunday, 13th May is Mother’s Day. 10 Zen Monkeys has compiled a list of the 7 worst pressies you could give your mother.

They ask, “Mom loves you already. So what have you got to lose?”

Just remember, your Mother has seen you naked! She knows where your cojones are!

Anyway, here is one of those pressies. For the other six, you will have to go to 10 Zen Monkeys.

Mom loves movies. And it’s mother’s day. So why not a movie called… Mother’s Day?

Because it’s an R-rated horror film from the notorious Troma studios. The producers of Blood Sucking Freaks tell the gruesome story of three sorority girls who get captured in the woods and tortured by two hicks — and their mother.

When asked for plot keywords, Amazon’s reviewers recommended the words “kidnapping,” “disturbing,” “sadism,” and “murder”. One reviewer even calls it “The first movie I ever walked out of. And I was home!”

Special features include a commentary track, plus footage of grossed-out people watching the movie.

Mom would probably prefer the Hitchcock movie about that nice schizophrenic whose mother is a mummified corpse in the basement.

Because at least he was polite.

5 responses to “Mother’s Days Gifts

  1. oooh I’d like to watch that!

    though I think we’ll be sitting down to something by Mario Bava tonight


  2. “Just remember, your Mother has seen you naked! She knows where your cojones are!”

    She does??? 😕


  3. The Divorce for Dummies book suggestion cracked me up.


  4. Myra, so how did the Bava movie go? Lots of gore and dismemberment?

    az, believe me – she does!

    WC, That was going to be my second choice as an quote 🙂


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