Font is Fifty

Two fonts walk into the bar, and the barman says, “sorry lads, we don’t serve your type”.

A Helvetica priest was trying to persuade a young couple to have their new baby baptised. “Sorry” said the mother “we do not want him Christened in your font.”.

Comments from readers on BBC’s article on the 50th anniversary of the Helvetica font. Some of the other comments are quite strident, especially when written against my favourite font, “Comic Sans”.

What is your preferred font?

15 responses to “Font is Fifty

  1. I also think the comments against Comic Sans are unfair. I quite like using it for emails, though Gmail doesn’t give you that option, unfortunately.

    My favourite font is Century Gothic, which I’ve used here on my clothing website. The round a’s give me visual pleasure. 🙂


  2. And a very nice “a” it is. 🙂 I use Comic Sans for email (when permitted by Thunderbird), for intitial draft writing and all sorts of other things. My “Windows notebook” program defaults to Comic Sans


  3. Arial … neat, clean and simple. No little swirly bits on the bottom of the letters, no twirly bits at the top … just neat and simple. Usually 10 or 12, but sometimes up to size 16. Whatever, it’s Arial.


  4. Yep, I like Ariel as well for more formal stuff.


  5. I’m a Century Gothic gal myself but for a fun font I also like Gigi or Comic Sans.


  6. Hm. I met a Gothic Gal once but she was only about 20.


  7. I’ve always been a sucker for a good Times. But that’s just the ink in my veins showing through. I quite like the Font of All Wisdom, though. And Carbon Type, which I know Thomas Hamburger likes to use, is starting to grow on me.


  8. Sharon, Gothic is a nice font. It is her neighbours who are spreading those nasty rumours 🙂 Gigi and Comic are fun fonts.

    anyjazz65, You seem to meet all the nice girls

    Bill, No wonder Mrs Blunt is suspicious. what with you meeting all these good times fonts. Thomas Hamburger is growing on you? You need a Hamburgerectomy. I’m glad you like me, the Font of all Wisdom.


  9. When I get an email written in Comic Sans, my opinion of the writer diminishes just a little. I can’t help it.

    I am enamored of Myriad Web for sans serif and Sylfaan (sp?) for serif.

    Followed you from Mist…


  10. Hey, welcome, Fringes. These Carnivals are fun. I tend to use comic sans for private stuff which stays on my own computer.


  11. I came here from mist’s “carnival of the mundane”. My motto is “anything except comic sans”.


  12. nwjr, It was truly a wonderfully mundane carnival. I have recorded it in Comic Sans.


  13. Wow, these guys really don’t like comic sans…

    ban comic sans


  14. Hi azahar. I got a laugh out of that site. (I also collected one of their free fonts.)

    Yep, I’m GUILTY! I once used comic sans. I used it at play, but I wouldn’t use it at work.


  15. az, I wonder at the mind which cannot see the beauty in different fonts.

    Mike, yep, I use it in all my “notepad” jottings.


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