The Brick Testament

“To the Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolfe having proven to be the shortest book I have yet to finish reading I have begun to read Robyn William’s “Unintelligent Design”. This highly respected Australian science journalist has taken on what he calls “Terrorism focused on public education.” So-called Intelligent Design.

I am about to become a believer in Intelligent Co-incidence as I also came across one of the funnier religious websites today. Reading Tayloropolis I spotted a posting about “The Brick Testament”.

The Brick Testament is a series of sometimes obscure tales from the Bible, told with Lego dioramas. Go look for yourself. This is almost as good as Missed Manners effort with the Battle of Helms Deep.   Certainly there is more to see!

tower of babel

This is one of the nine illustrations for the story of the Tower of Babel.  Of course, if you want something a little gorier, how about the beheading of Goliath by David?

goliath beheaded

Things haven’t changed much in 3000 years over there in the Biblical lands.

8 responses to “The Brick Testament

  1. D00d! d00d! I was all over that like, a year ago, with the lego Easter and shit. Holy crap, is nothing sacred?


  2. It’s not my fault! I wasn’t even in the blogoswamp last Easter. Unholy coprolites, everything is blasphemously bloggable!


  3. Well I had the Lego Three Kings up on Epiphany, though maybe you were away then. I came across The Brick Testament over at Dan’s Samovar (also wasn’t here last Easter). Great, innit?


  4. Haha … maybe when they get intelligent design into schools they can push to use this system to teach architecture.


  5. az, it is brilliant. Such single-minded dedication is rare in this modern world. At least, I think it is dedication. 🙂

    samaha, Isn’t it strange that the least intelligent thing about ID is its proponents. I would not trust a building constructed by an IDer!


  6. I just adore the lego diaramas. Makes me wonder what I wasted all my years doing with my son. Hd’d have been much more interested in lego if we’d set up massacres with it.


  7. The really cool thing about The Brick Testament, as Dan pointed out, is that it that although the images are clearly tongue-in-cheek funny the actual text is accurate and so it is quite a fun way to read The Bible.

    In the interest of comparative religions and mythologies I’ve tried reading The Bible many times but never got very far before I fell asleep. The Lego version gives you the main points of the various books and makes reading it enjoyable. 🙂


  8. Litlove, a long long time ago, in a galaxy far – – oops, wrong intro. Back when I was young, in the cretinous age, there was a product called “Bilda-bricks”. This was the British pre-cursor to Lego. I made little tanks and field cannons and warships, then blew them up with my explosive hands! It was a lot of fun for a six year old. Shortly afterwards I discovered the world of books and I put such childish things behind me. I read of wars and mayhem instead.

    az, seeing some of the biblical stories in that form, to me, raises further questions about the worthiness of yahwah to be considered a subject of worship. His vindictiveness and self-centeredness seem to mimic the worst of mankind’s traits.


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