The Ultimate Couch Potato Accessory

From the erudite pages of “The Australian”, home of the antipodean neo-cons, comes this story of the sports-loving male must-have gadget of the year.

DUKE UNIVERSITY, North Carolina: A US inventor has come up with the ultimate sport-viewing accessory – a fridge that throws cold cans of beer to fans who are too lazy to get off the couch.
John Cornwell spent three months and $2500 perfecting the Beer Launching Fridge, which is activated by a remote control that sets off a lift mechanism in the fridge.

The lift delivers the can to an electronic catapult, which rotates until it is lined up with its thirsty target.

It then hurls the beer up to 3.5m to the drinker.

It can hold a full 24-can carton.

See the fridge in action here at metacafe.

Now for an automatic pizza delivery system.

7 responses to “The Ultimate Couch Potato Accessory

  1. never leave that chair again. Ever.



  2. oh this is too good Mr Archives.

    are you familiar with the old custom of ‘colt-ale’ where new employees at an establishment have to supply existing employees with beer in order to be accepted into the fold?

    maybe we can up the ante in 2007 and start demanding beer chairs…


  3. ggw, Spot on! Sports, Beer and (when invented) Pizza all delivered with the same remote! Now, how to hook up the significant other to that same remote 🙂
    Myra, please, it’s archie (or Ærchie to be exact). Yes, I am aware of that custom. I didn’t realise it was still being practised in these enlightened days. I want a portable one I can take to the cricket at the WACA.


  4. Okay, I have two problems with that video. What is so great about having your beer thoroughly shaken right before you open it???? Lite beer is not beer.


  5. hmh, to us males it is the gadget that is important, not necessarily the results 🙂 And I agree about flavoured water – err – lite beer.


  6. I forsee a sudden swelling in the number of college-age males visiting the emergency room due to … sudden swellings. And a corresponding growth in helmet sales.


  7. I agree. Although the machine is very accurate, I fear the competence of the receiver will diminish after several successful catches.


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