Eight Women Who Look Better Bald Than Britney

Jess, of “Apropos of Something” has compiled the ultimate Britney list.

His choice of eight women who look better than Britney when bald.

His top choice is an Aussie, of course. Who could resist.

Kylie Minogue

Why she shaved her head: Sadly, Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer in mid-2005. She debuted her close-cropped look a few months later following chemotherapy.

Why she looks better bald than Britney: Come on — just look at that picture to the right. Kylie is absolutely adorable! The good news is that she’s feeling healthy again and is back to performing around the world. Sorry, Brit — you never stood a chance against Australia’s favorite pop diva.

Bald-o-meter: 10/10

To see that “Picture on the right” and the rest, visit his blog. Be prepared to see some of my favourite ladies. Sinead, Sigourney and Demi. However he forgot Mira Furlan (Ambassador Delenn from Babylon 5).


10 responses to “Eight Women Who Look Better Bald Than Britney

  1. Looking good bald is hard. Not everyone has a nicely-shaped head, as I found out when I went through chemo. I wore the hat every day more because my head was ugly than because it was hairless. Natalie Portman has a lovely, round head. Mine was more sort of trapezoidal, not a look to be rocking on the Drive.


  2. Trapezoidal-shaped heads go well with the straight-lined alien wear on the assorted space operas. You should have tried out for Star Trek. (The chemo worked for you?)


  3. Sparing the bald young clerks … look better bald than Britney … a look at your own lovely pate. My dear, do we see an obsession? Just found you, and it’s a treat. We geezers need to stick together.


  4. Linda, welcome to one of the weirdest places in the blogoswamp. I write, therefore I am a clerk, I am bald with a compensatory ponytail, I am young because I am male and have never grown up. I only obsess for ten minutes in the hour! The rest of the time I let people obsess about me and my failings. Or not, it is their choice. But welcome.


  5. And he wonders why his kids, especially his daughter, insist on kissing him on his bald spot! Ha! It’s tempting, is what.


  6. Did someone say something? pardon?


  7. My mom looked fabulous bald, post-chemo herself. My sister and I tried to talk her into keeping her steel-gray hair super-short, but not dice.

    Ambassador Delenn is an all-time favourite of mine. Arch, are we going to have to share our fave B5 moments?


  8. loricat, I’m glad your Mom got through the chemo successfully. I find bald is good look. I only watched a few episodes of Babylon 5 (bad program timing by my TV stations – they put it on against one of the Star Trek shows – I was, and am, in love with Jane Greenaway) but the Ambassador made a big impression.


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  10. To Loricat

    I’m glad I’m not the only person to keep calling Kathryn Janeway “Jane Greenaway”!

    I have no idea why. Or if she’d look good bald.


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