Britney Spears, Shaved

Never let it be said that the archive is slow off the mark with the important breaking news of the world. Forget Iraq, forget the troubled economies of the Western World. Even forget the problems of Italian Football.

Britney, BaldBritney Speers is justly famous for displaying her Bare Bits. Or should that be “infamous”?

Now, we here at the archive can now share, courtesy of the BBC, the shocking news that Britney has even more bald bits.

She has shaved. Again.

This time, her head.

Off to get tats of some “Cute little lips” on her wrist at her local tattoo parlour, Britney was spotted by both fans (who tipped them off?) and paparazzi (is nowhere sacred?). As she left the Tattoo parlour, apparently her minders made sure her head was covered.

This comes just after she checked herself into rehab in Antigua for a day. Possibly she thought it was a five star hotel and it took her that long to realise there was a reason for the bar fridge not stocking Jim Beam or Smirnoff.

As one fan commented after seeing the new, bare Britney look, “She certainly looks as though she is having soime issues at the moment.”

At least she will not be having a bad hair day for a while – – –

Well, that is the important news of the day.

Elsewhere, in the unimportant stuff that has happened in the world, Baghdad had more bombings, Obama was slandered by the Republicans, whales continued to be slaughtered by Japanese murderers and Geo W Bush slept the comfortable sleep of the criminally ignorant.

9 responses to “Britney Spears, Shaved

  1. anything to get a little attention



  2. Well thank you, Archie. My husband told me about this and I wondered when I would see a photo. I’m glad I didn’t place money on a bet as I would never have guessed it would be here, but whyever not? Aren’t you just the hottest ticket for breaking news?


  3. ggwfung, I quite agree. And I will do anything for a few extra hits on my blog. I’m such a blog gigolo!

    Litlove, It is all in the interests of gaining a larger audience for some of the more serious postings. So you can be sure you will find hot goss about Britney here including the brand new scoop which seems to have escaped most of the reporters. Those dark roots show that she is not a natural blonde! 🙂 Unlike me. A natural dizzy blonde blog gigolo!
    Amongst the lightness, I hope to ambush you with a heavy political treatise within a day or two.


  4. Made me laugh as well – I wonder when Tony Bliar’s conscience will stand for Parliament. 🙂


  5. Word is, she’s taking the Yul Bryner role in the remake of the Magnificent Seven


  6. Hey Mark, I like your thinking – She could also take on the role of the King of Siam – singing “Tradition” – – –


  7. As somebody somewhere said, at last the curtains match the carpet.


  8. Oooo – I must remember that! A wonderfully bitchy comment. [minces off into the distance]


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