Sheik Condemned by Islamic Council

At last. This is what Australia needs to remove the taint of terrorism and terror support from all those Australian Muslims who are as appalled at the extremists as the rest of Australia.

Islamic councils around Australia say a Sydney cleric who wants children to be taught the love of martyrdom should be disciplined and re-educated by a council of Australian Muslim leaders.

Please read the rest of the article. I am going to add my comments here and there.

The head of the Global Islamic Youth Centre, Sheikh Feiz Mohammed, has also referred to Jewish people as “pigs” in a DVD copy of one of his lectures.

I mentioned this in my previous post on this. The more I read it, the more I am horrified by it. If I were to call the Sheik a “Pig” he would have me in front of the racial discrimination board before I could say “Mis-interpreted!”

The Federal Government has denounced his remarks as reprehensible and the Labor Party does not want the Sheikh, who is currently overseas, to return to Australia.

Predictable, knee-jerk reaction. One of which I am guilty.

But the newly elected president of the Islamic Council of Queensland, Suliman Sabdia, says correcting the Sheikh’s attitude would do more than chasing him out of Australia in his current frame of mind. “Damage is caused and harm is caused, but I would advocate that the Sheikh be invited and be taught … [to] really understands the implications of those comments and make him see the error of his ways,” he said.

WHOA!  What was that? What a great idea, along with tremendous insight. If the Sheik is simply banned, he will harbour a resentment against Australia for the rest of his life. He will increase his efforts at terrorism and aim them at Australia. Suliman Sabdia has made an almost (forgive me for this, my Muslim friends, my own heritage pokes through.) Christ-like judgement.

Rahim Ghauri from the Islamic Council of Western Australia has also questioned whether Sheik Mohammed is a leader. “Some lousy guy stands up, calls himself a leader of Muslim, calls himself a cleric because he can read the Koran,” he said.

At the same time, Mr Ghauri questions the role of the media.

“The media makes a big issue of it, then the Government goes and takes advantage for the sake of new votes,” he said. “Now next year we’ve got the election – again there will be Muslim bashing.  “Why the hell do people like me sit here and give an interview because every Tom, Dick and Harry gets up and makes some stupid comment and we are called to account.”

I am truly sorry, Mr Ghauri. We have a Government which is in power because of its ability to manipulate the “Fear Button”. The scared little leader has done more to remove the old Aussie idea of a “Fair Go” than any previous  leader in this great nation. Every word he says can be shown to be a lie, yet he is able terrify Australians into voting for him. Unfortunately, Muslims are an essential part of his armament of fear. Please accept the apologies of an ordinary Aussie for the hurt and pain you will go through during this next election campaign.

You have done a great thing in describing the Sheik as you have, Mr Ghauri. It will reduce his credibility and increase the credibility of all Muslim Australians. A small, yet new, lever to use against Mr Howard and his Nazi-like cronies.


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