Oh Dear, Another Australian Sheik Being Misquoted

AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL police are investigating

whether an Australian Islamic leader incited terror by calling on young Muslims to give up their lives in jihad, and by labelling Jews pigs.

Sheik Feiz Mohammed’s comments in a collection of DVDs called Death Series have brought widespread condemnation from politicians and community groups. The Australian Federal Police said it was looking at the DVDs and making inquiries into whether the sheik’s comments breached sedition laws and incited acts of violence. If so, the AFP would launch a full investigation and he could face charges.

NSW Premier Morris Iemma said Sheik Mohammed, the leader of the Global Islamic Youth Centre in Liverpool, in Sydney’s west, was inciting terrorism. In the DVDs, the Sydney-born cleric urges young Muslims to be prepared to sacrifice themselves for Islam.

“We want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam,” he says. “Teach them this: There is nothing more beloved to me than wanting to die as a mujahid (holy warrior). Put in their soft, tender hearts the zeal of jihad and a love of martyrdom.” – AAP

In another report (this time the ABC online News)

Islamic Friendship Association spokesman Kaysar Trad says the comments do not reflect the sentiments of the wider Muslim community. “As a community, it is quite disconcerting for us that these comments are found from time to time and they’re broadcast all over the news,” he said. “They certainly give the public an erroneous impression about Islam and Muslims.”

I wonder how long it will take Kaysar Trad to begin trotting out his usual platitudes about “Misquoting, taking out of context and mis-interpreted. In the meantime, is he suggesting that it would be better if only the Muslim Community knew of this Sheik’s statements and that the media is wrong to let the rest of Australian society know about them?

I am beginning to wonder if Trad is the right person to be commenting about these matters. Let us look at what he says in this quote.

Firstly he says that the Sheik’s comments do not reflect the sentiments of the wider Muslim community. Not that they are wrong or repugnant, but that they “do not reflect”. Ok –

Secondly he says that “it is quite disconcerting for us that these comments are found from time to time and they’re broadcast all over the news” Which part is disconcerting, Kaysar? That the documents are found or that they are broadcast to a wider public? Inquiring minds really would like to know!

Thirdly, Kaysar, you claim that these comments “certainly give the public an erroneous impression about Islam and Muslims.” Still you will not say that the comments themselves are bad, wrong or against Islam. Of course we ignorant Westerners are going to gain an impression about Islam from people like the two Sheiks. If no one who knows Islam is willing to stand up and say outright that they are wrong, then thinking people must begin to accept that the Sheiks do in fact speak for all of Islam.

Or is your position as Spokesman for the Islamic Friendship Association only there so you may deflect any criticism without upsetting the clerics? So that you are not in your position as a friend, but as an apologist for those who seek to support terrorism?

2 responses to “Oh Dear, Another Australian Sheik Being Misquoted

  1. Unfortunately this is something that seems to be missing from the current conflict. The community of Islam as a whole seems more uncomfortable in repudiating those amongst their communitiy who advocate violence or suppression through fear than they are with having them live in their midst.

    I don’t feel that most muslims currently living in what I tend to think of as civilized nations really feel that suicide bombings are necessary. I might understand that someone living in the Gaza strip could consider them so.

    But until the larger community makes some very definite statements on the subject–not mere equivocation but wholehearted rejection of religious terror–What are those of us viewing that community from the outside supposed to think?

    Of course, the Catholic Church has never been noted for the strength of its pronouncements on the IRA, either. And in New York’s Irish bars it was common to have a donation jar handy “for the Cause”.

    Damn all “Cause”s.


  2. I agree. Damn all causes which put “THE CAUSE” above simple people and their lives. I too have found most Muslims to be decent honest people who are as appalled by the actions of the extremists as I am. What concerns me is that, in Australia, there seems to be a conspiracy to cover-up possible terror-mongers amongst the imported clerics. Not by the average “Muslim-in-the-Street” but by a part (I hope) or the whole of the Muslim leadership itself. This I will continue to highlight.


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