Comments I Cannot Post

Since I cannot comment on other WordPress blogs at the moment, I shall do a post of all the comments I would have put on their posts were I not a compulsive and well known spammer. I must be, Akismet hath told me so!

So, where to start?

Samaha has done a much better job of castigating the dreaded Mufti of Australia than I ever could!

Litlove has done an excellent piece on the rescue fantasy as a part of literature, comparing it with the lack of real-life rescues. I must admit,   my first reaction was to remember the Monty Python peasant,  Help! Help! I’m being repressed!” Even in humour there is a rescue theme. Except for Bluebottle in the Goon Show – he always got “deaded” but at least had the last word – “You rotten swine!”

Reed is busy finding out how much the Taxman owes her and I can’t help feeling it is most uncivilised to have to do tax at this time of the year. Here in Australia the dreaded day is 30th June. I’ll just procrastinate until then  🙂

Loricat has asked just what are the criteria for buying a $20 book as opposed to a second hand book.  If I want something to read and pass the time, I’ll buy a second-hand book. If I want something newly published because I have either read good stuff about it or because it is yet another sequel, I will buy it new. If it is a classic, or old poetry or something by a deceased author who is no longer published, again I’m off to the second-hand store (or Ebay) – cos there ain’t no choice!

Healing Magic Hands has an anti-Shrub rant and I find I agree with everything she says. Again. About the spam, I am not so sure. After all, I am an inveterate spammer. Akismet tells me so!

Bloglily has a post about not saying anything unless you have something nice to say. So I will say something nice. Bloglily.

The reclusive Afterverse continues to evocatate with his poetry. Like all artists, whether with pen or brush, he sometimes doesn’t quite do it for me. But I’ll always read him because of the good stuff because when it is good, it is very very good. Like this one.

your ruby lips no longer hide your jaded smile
you’ve given up on everything
…that constituted style

Helen at A is Alarmed has done a listing of words which describe the 70’s yet missed “Tie-dyed” and “Moire Patterns”. Perhaps my ’70’s were a little more psychedelic than hers  🙂

Mist 1 has revealed why she has a cat in prevference to a dog. Anything more that I add will only get me into trouble! However, I agree with her on the fact that no house deserves more than one bitch.

The Satirical Muslim has an new article “Bush Prepped for New Year; Bin Laden is a Has Bin“. I’m still chucking. I know its offensive, but – – –

Curmudgeonly yours has found a face recognition site which has some interesting possibilities. As he says, it seems to be broken but I may give it a go when I have a spare day.

Salil has a wonderful piece on Warnies 700th wicket Envy envy envy cos I couldn’t get to Melbourne, or to Sydney.

The Food Pornographer continues to make my mouth water. Even when she posts pictures of food I know I do not like, my mouth waters!

raincoaster, the great Squid-faced wet one, has used an image I have had on my hard drive through six changes of computer. Accompanying it is a rant on one of those necessary things in life and how electrical failure can bring on huge embarrassments.

Nils has been to the theatre. His description is one which brings back an urge to do some theatre work again. Or at least go to a show. Not necessarily a full professional production. I have always felt more at home with the amateurs.

Metro has written, championing “Spocko” for his anti-radio shock jock-nazi stand. More power to him. Maybe I should begin listening to Australia’s shock-jocks!

Rhea, at the Boomer Chronicles has a bad hair day. Such a feminine thing – colouring hair – Us ex-hair people find this self-indulgent talk a little off-putting!

azahar has found some fortune cookies – the comments are wonderful. I’ll check mine out in a day or two, when I steal it for my own blog  🙂

Aphra Benn has a bit of a rant about theme parks. I quite agree. I would rather experience real life than a pre-packaged time waster. Time is precious. Spend it living your own life. She has also posted a wonderful “reflection” image.

Finally, Alabaster Crippens has a typical post modern word wander which nevertheless evokes a certain ethos. As he says of himself “bloody pretentious arse is me”!

Well, that’s a mornings scribbles. It would be much easier if I was not a congenital spammer!

14 responses to “Comments I Cannot Post

  1. You could upload some beaver shots to the face recognition site…


  2. I’m glad you liked it. My husband thinks it is in poor taste, but before he told me that he wanted to know if he needed to find this sheikh guy and beat the crap out of him (I never laughed so hard in my life).


  3. Thanks for the feedback, sir. We at the Book Nook like it when people answer our questions!


  4. She called you sir! *am in awe*


  5. CY – what an interesting thought – I’ll try it with one of the beavers on raincoasters blog (I wish I knew how to put links in comments)
    samaha – That would only prove (in his mind)the vicious rasism of Europeans. Of course, Europeans are Caucasian. So are Lebanese (and most of the other Middle Eastern people).
    Lori, I always attempt to give satisfaction, Ma’am. And I never look a gift cookie in the mouth – – –
    raincoaster, we have not yet been formally introduced. So we are still at the formalities stage.


  6. This is rather good, Archie – you’ve introduced me to some new blogs and I am very delighted to be in amongst your mentions! I do hope you are released from spammer prison soon!


  7. Locked in a dungeon with the spammers of the world. Yet I am so innocent! I may have to send out another note so I am not forgotten by the world.


  8. You cannot be unspammed until you make some comments and are un-spammed by the blog owners. If your own comments are showing up on your blog with no interference, then that means you’re off the Akismet Shit List, so comment away.


  9. Nope – my comments go through Akismet and I have to unspam them – they sa y I should do that so akismet learns – I’ve got news – It isn’t learning. I am only commenting on my blog cos I can unspam them.


  10. Thanks for the comment and the link. Just a wee bit of hair-splitting: Howard Stern is a “shock jock”–though in the era of celebutards who are so stupid they forget to wear underwear the term now sounds hollow and mocking. Stern does shows with heroin junkies, porn stars, midget perverts and other worthy members of a democratic society. Stern sees the job of the media not so much as speaking truth to power, but rather asking power if it’s ever had a dirty trombone.

    The radio “personalities” on KFSO have called for the execution of “liberals” (anyone to the left of Hermann Goering), the murder of millions of Indonesians, and the castration of journalists who disagree with them–about things like calling for the deaths of millions of Indonesians, presumably.

    How much hate does it take to want to dig up Rachel Carson (who died of breast cancer in the ’70s) and “kill her all over again”?

    KFSO is an ABC/Disney affilliate. Spocko recorded the hate screed and sent samples to their advertisers. When one advertiser, who one assumes thought they were buying time on family-friendly radio, pulled their ads, Disney became concerned for its reputation and changed the station format to easy listening and broadcast yoga.

    Hang on–that must have been in some parallel universe, because the one thing Disney does really really well is sue people. And of course they would sue their affiliate for smearing the House of Mouse and making ABC/Disney sound like a Nuremburg rally in 1939, right?

    Oops–sorry, parallel universes again. They sued Spocko for, as he put it: “the crime of Letting Our Advertisers Hear What We Were Broadcasting” (in their names).

    The rest is current events. Anyone who has ever changed the channel on their radio or television because they can’t stomach what’s on should be paying attention.

    If you’re concerned about filth in media–real filth, not sex-drugs-rock’n’roll smut–read up on Spocko and ABC/Disnazi.

    Sorry for the long comment. But this is important.


  11. Thank you for the exposition. I don’t mind long comments. I intended to imply that I would be listening out for similar ranting stupidities in Australia. I know we have some which may not be quite so bad but I need to check. I haven’t been able to stomach Disney’s brand of mindless Schmalz for a number of years. But that is another rant.


  12. I don’t remember much of the 70s, apart from our shocking kitchen wallpaper. What are Moire patterns? Off to do some investigating now!

    I realised as I was writing the paragraph that I probably meant the 60s rather than the 70s. But through compiling that list of words I got a good idea for a short story, so I’m pleased about that.


  13. Moire patterns are those eye-wrenching images when two almost identical grids are twisted across each other. Like two identical fences, one viewed through the other. The light and dark effects of the slightly “out of phase” uprights,


  14. Hi our little brothers.


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