A Shakespeare Rip-off

 In an unashamed rip-off of the Great Wet One, Ol’ Squid Face herself, Allow me to present a portia of Shakespeare. Or Sir Francis Bacon, just in case. I have not ripped of the picture because it shows me top right.

The quality of WordPress is not strain’d,
It droppeth little hints as the gentle rain
From DrMike upon the wordpress forum: it is twice blest;
It blesseth him that writes and him that reads:
‘Tis mightiest in the blogosphere: it becomes
The throned monarch much better than all competition;
His stats show the force of technorati power,
The attributes of Andy’s widgets surpass all,
Wherein askimet doth ease the fear of spam;
But mercy abounds for the users of blogrolls;
It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
It is an attribute of media domination itself;
And blogging power doth then show likest Litlove*
Wherein literacy seasons stats
. Therefore, raincoaster**,
Though dominance be thy plea,
consider this,
That, in the course of climbing BOTD, none of us
Shall sit comfortable: we do pray for viral posts;
And that same prayer doth teach us all to render
Headlines tempting more hits. I have spoke thus much
To gain the approval of wonderful WordPress;
Which if thou desire, this strict ranking to increase
Must needs give credit ‘to the Blog Host there.

* Litlove – vote for Best British Blog 

**raincoaster – vote for Best Blog and Best Canadian Blog

And, just to leave WordPress for a moment, vote for Mist1 for Best Humor Blog

But remember, there are only about 30 hours left to vote – vote early, vote often. And a vote for the Best New and Best Australian for the archive would not go astray. (Note unethical vote canvassing)

4 responses to “A Shakespeare Rip-off

  1. Very wise, sweetly crafted and nicely syncophantic. You got my vote (except for Best New Blog; strangely, we seem to have a slight difference of opinion there).


  2. I like this one. I’ve got links to click and ballot boxes to stuff now.


  3. raincoaster, as a dedicated blogging gigolo I like syncophantic. I can understand the difference of opinion 🙂
    Have I told you there is a nutrigrain bar on its way?

    Mist1, Whoohooo – nothing a vote scavanger likes more than an enthusiastic voter.


  4. Archie – what a sweetie you are to say that about my blog! Flattery WILL get you everywhere. How many votes do you want??


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