The Satirical Muslim

Satirical Muslim

I have been getting a lot of laughs from The Satirical Muslim lately.


It is raw, biting satire. The sort that can make you guffaw, giggle, snigger or even cringe when it hits too closely at one of your own foibles. If you have a damaged humour gene and find the blog offensive, then I will probably declare a thinwa on you.


I recommend a visit just to lighten your day.


A word of warning. These guys are Aussie larrikins and have a warning in their “About” page.

We would say something dramatic such as “leave your inhibitions at the URL” but we won’t. This website offers satirical FAKE news stories, often relating to Muslims. There is usually a source of inspiration for the piece, although it may simply be born from general observations. In no way, shape or language are contributors insulting or mocking the religion of Islam. However, it’s a free-for-all on humans and their behaviour. So if you’re sensitive and/or you don’t think any of this is funny (admittedly not a fair litmus test since it might just not be funny at all really), we can’t help you except to suggest that you don’t revisit this page. And anyway, when you have your own awesome satire page, you can criticise.


The only thing I don’t like about their blog is that it is impossible to comment on their postings.


You can expect future links to some of their articles here on the archive. In the meantime I shall exuent stage left, giggling over Mel Gibson.


3 responses to “The Satirical Muslim

  1. I’m sorry, but maybe my sense of humour is not what it should be. I do not find this type of humour (?) funny. Perhaps I should take some lessons, but personally, I prefer British comedy.


  2. Well, I laughed over the movie review segment. And over Mel Gibson. I’m just twisted enough to like a little satire with my coffee.


  3. Buff, We do have differing senses of humour 🙂 And just as well!

    hmh, Whew! Someone else found it funny. I was a bit worried there.


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