Longhorse, Shorthorse

 My source for all things literary, Litlove,  has used her research skills and found some more information on the longhorse. She directed me to Nodependencies/Nologo who, in turn directed me to Tinsleman.

I was distressed to find on tinsleman’s blog a whole great stack of disbelievers. People who thought the photographs were photoshopped fakes. This has led me to consider the nature of disbelief and I will be considering that in a future posting on this blog.

The reality is, of course, there has been a great equine conspiracy to photoshop all longhorses out of photographs and other images. One image they have not been able to vandalise is the longhorse cave painting from Lascaux which dates from near the end of the last Ice Age.

Lascaux cave painting of Longhorse

It was through the comments on tinselman’s blog that I also found  “das kleine kleine Pferd” which was referred to by the poetic  Christine.

Short Horse

 I think it is doubtful that the longhorse has reached extinction through being used as a pizza topping. However it could be that Fed-ex has chosen to “Ex” himself because Britney is such a nag!

5 responses to “Longhorse, Shorthorse

  1. Oh my, that little horse is so freaky! It raises the hairs on the back of my neck just to look at him!


  2. Shorthorses were quite popular in the American west for decades, but no-one knows why, as no-one could figure out how to tighten the girth on one once they finally got it saddled.


  3. Litlove, I find the image almost addictive. I keep waiting for it either to take a rest or to fall over. Maybe that is why they never rest; they fall over after stopping. 🙂

    Metro, I admit to not even thinking about riding it. The major reason for never riding a horse was outlined in my post – (delves back into ancient history) https://archiearchive.wordpress.com/2006/07/21/37/


  4. Das kleine kleine Pferd’s were difficult to ride; great for pulling things, though!


  5. This is the sort of very important information which must be retained for posterity. The Society of Cryptozoologists are recording all this data.


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