I have been through my extensive photographic collection and found a photograph I was able to take back in 2003. It is of a longdonkey.

Longdonkeys are often seen in the Northwest of Australia but are not often recognised. This is because they always face any observer.

I was able to capture this image by setting up my camera on a tripod and operating it remotely. Unfortunately it was raining at the time so the light was poor. It is such a bad photograph that I have never before shown it in public. The importance of the longhorse debate has led me to show this image.


Longdonkeys are not native to Australia. In fact the original imported pair came from the Central Asian Steppes. More precisely, at the risk of being a bore, at Kazakhstan. Their owner brought them to Australia in 1870 as he thought they could assist in the newly developing outback. Unfortunately they escaped and have since bred into a series of large herds which live on the fringes of the Australian deserts.

Their flesh is extremely stringy and so is not suitable as a pizza topping.

I believe raincoaster is attempting to put together an expedition to  track down the longdonkey in its native habitat.

17 responses to “Longdonkey

  1. Have you put that in Wikipedia yet?


  2. My entry re Longdonkeys was added to Wikipedia as “Revision as of 23:02, 4 December 2006 (edit)”
    The anti-Cryptozoology conspiracy has infiltrated Wikipedia to the extent that my entry was deleted at Revision as of 02:04, 5 December 2006 (edit) (undo)
    The suppression of knowledge by this conspiracy is becoming worse and worse!


  3. I sincerely thank you for your support, Nils.

    I can thoroughly recommend the Naked Dancing Llama http://www.frolic.org/ . Put simply: He’s cheaper than psychotherapy, and he also licks people’s faces.

    I have been a follower of the NDL for a number of years and he truly keeps me sane enough to frolic with enthusiasm.


  4. Sorry, folks. Archie is having a go at us. If you look carefully the “longdonkey” seen here is clearly photoshopped in from frame fifteen of the Zapruder film. This is the same longdonkey seen standing next to Umbrella-Holding Man.

    Shame on you for perpetrating this fraud!


  5. Damn, I did not think anyone would put the two together. I admit this sort of transferring of images is likely to add some fuel to the mistaken fire of disbelief coming from Creationists, Science nerds and born-again debunkers. I should not have done it. I should have posted the original, authentic frame.


  6. Meneer Archie

    You & I would be well-advised not to play poker with the formidably witty & perceptive Monsieur Metro – I commend to you his entertaining Visonary Plans for a Tree Octopus Park (revelated on Mlle RegenCoaster’s blog comments)

    I did not quite need to seek medical advice despite excessive laughing but hopefully your lungs are in better condition than mine

    I just love your Australian Beavers …and Thank you for all your entertaining help with the LongDonkeys

    I flatter myself that there is one point on which we are not entirely of one mind

    I do not view Mr Huxley, with favour – he’s always struck me as a pseudo-scientist (err “Evolutionist”) who knew the price of everything, but understood the value of nothing

    Tot siens

    G(ray) Eagle


  7. Metro is, of course, pulling your leg. The Zapruder longdonkey was an American one, as you can clearly see from the appaloosa markings on its rump. This one is obviously descended from the Eastern European Longdonkeys, which you can see from the dorsal stripe and the slope of the pasterns.


  8. The Hon. G. Eagle, esquirley; On medical advice I have been warned off the Visonary Plans for a Tree Octopus Park. Thank you for your kind comments regarding Australian Beaver, as I find them quite irresistible. There is a movement within Australia which wishes to remove all imported animals (including Longdonkeys) from Australia. Extermination is their preferred method.

    My dear friend Huxley was quite on the mark with his “Brave New World”. He was quite prescient with his predictions of Mr Bush’s predelictions

    Raincoaster, Please tell me it isn’t true. Metro, may his tribe increase, is surely one of the bastions of the Blogosphere. So he is completely trustworty, surely.


  9. “Bastion” … some have used that word. Or at least something that sounded a great deal like it.

    I can’t tell, I was running at the time, and the tar and feathers were impeding my hearing.


  10. At least you haven’t been called a Pommy Bastion – – –


  11. And do not listen to the Watery Personage. She is part of the conspiracy. You can tell because she will not tell you what fnord means.

    (It means you’re part of the Boston Illuminati)


  12. Longdonkeys are also found in the southeast of Australia – eg. in western New South Wales and in northwestern Victoria.


  13. Meneer Archie

    Surely you are too young to have been a friend of Aldous Huxley !!!

    The movement to remove all imported animals from Australia – has it considered the case of homo pseudo-sapiens, perhaps with the exception of those resident for over 50,000 years ?

    I have the honour to remain Your (& the LongDonkeys’) obedient servant etc

    G Eagle


  14. Metro, Holy Chao, I already know about the fnords. IAL I was Malaclypse the Younger. The Boston Illuminati are fraudulent!
    Why are the exit doors alarmed?
    Sgd, the Mgt.

    ts, I have successfully avoided much of South Eastern Australia, because of the dangers posed by rampantly disappointed Collingwood fans. I am grateful for your advice re the spread of longdonkeys.

    Herr G(rey) Eagle, esquirely. My incredible ancientnessivity knoweth know bounds. Aldous and I were tight, man! Regarding homo pseudo-sapiens, unfortunately they infiltrated the Australian Liberal Party and are currently in charge of the whole box and dice.


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