The Longhorse

In keeping with our archival attempts to care for those of the lesser orders whose very existence is endangered by the rapacious depredations of man (and woman and child) kind, I present for your consideration, the Longhorse. Raincoaster, another blogger with a demonstrably great concern for the Survival of Species, has written a moving and informative account of the life, times and demise of that once popular pizza topping, the Longhorse.

It is rumoured that the Longhorse is as extinct as panties are in the wardrobes of Britney and Paris, yet we in the archive hope, through the use of the Blogosphere to find some traces of this noble beast in the world today.

11 responses to “The Longhorse

  1. Shockingly, someone has deleted the Wikipedia entry. I smell a Detroit rat!


  2. Oh that such wickedness could be! That is going one step further than Dupont’s attemt to exterminate hemp!


  3. err .. Regen=Coaster is referring to a Vancouver Platypus – which has a talent for concealing secrets in plain sight

    … & good luck with your efforts to support the survival of Mulier Bloggantissima Colonialisma

    This is as anxious a matter as preserving the Canadian Pacific Tree Octopus

    Your obedient servant

    G E


  4. Welkommen, Goldener Adler – das Regenküster hat einen zopf Pussy?


  5. Never underestimate the cultural significance of Britney’s panties… she did it for the President, no?


  6. Have you seen No Dependencies No Logo’s post on this, Archie? Find him in my blogroll and click back a few entries – I think you’d enjoy it!


  7. Mark, I never though I would see Dubya with Britney’s panties – – –

    Litlove, thank you for that link. I was able to go through it to the source. I will be going back to NDNL (At first I read that as NDL, The Naked Dancing Llama)


  8. Welcome to #1 on Google:

    Yesterday it was me. But I don’t resent you, nosiree. Because you gave me a LINK!


  9. (blish) I’m so honoured. I would like to thank the sponsors, my Parents, my teachers, my wife and children. Most especially I would like to thank my mentor and wonderful friend raincoaster without whom none of this would have been possible. And of course I would like to thank you! The great unwashed, whose glorious lack of taste and ability to follow the leader put me up on this pedestal. I would also like to tha – – – HELP – stop pushing me off, I’m not finished yet!!!

    [Omnes] Oh yes you are!


  10. Mark Day has a WordPress blog? Blogrolling that immediately! I loved the LOL intervention.


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