Mooning and Other Pre-occupations

Last week I spotted a nearly full moon rising amongst some sunsetty clouds. Once again I did not have my tripod with me so I attempted to get some shots by hand. Some, like

“Moon cupped in a Cloud”, were reasonable.


Most of my thoughts this fine hot  (42C) Sunday have been caught up in news stories.  Everything old is new again. This story from the BBC reminds me of an event which happened over forty years ago. As reported by the BBC in 2000,
In 1956 a British prime minister was on the receiving end. It was a speech to the United Nations by Harold Macmillan that Soviet President Nikita Kruschev famously interrupted by beating his shoe against his desk before shouting to the US representatives “We will bury you”.

Macmillan, in keeping with his reputation for unflappability, responded to the highly irregular shoe-banging with: “I shall have to have that translated!”
Actually it was on Sept 12th in 1960  and according to Kruschev’s grand-daughter it was after a speech by the Phillipine delegate to the UN. Regardless, it appears that shoes are again being used in doiplomacy. Personally, I would like to apply those shoes to all the politicians who are doing absolutely nothing to save the Earth for my grandchildren.

Sporting news: I was shocked, horrified and slightly amused at the outcome of the friendly between Australia and Paraguay last night. After a scoreless first half and a frustratingly scoreless 40 minutes in the secdond half, Australia took the lead with a very well crafted goal. A series of substitutions then took place allowing the fans to farewell four retiring players. The sign went up showing four minutes of extra time and Paraguay launched a final attack. One of the new players, on the field for less than a minute attempted to head a cross away from goal. He succeeded in heading it in past a despairing  Aussie Goalie.  Next time maybe the powers that be won’t go all sentimental and will concentrate on winning!

Computers;  Anothe BBC headline today is “Microsoft engaging with Hackers”. This is supposed to be news? I thought Microsucks had been doing this for years. I was stuck on a very slow dial-up last night and was trying to upload yesterday’s blog. Microsoft decided I needed a new security update. It took over an hour for the 3.5Mb intrusion to download before I could start blogging. Not Happy, Bill!

There – a day of curmudging! To finish with, tomorrow is a new day, and here is a dawn I photographed from the airstrip here at Punmu about three years ago.







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