God and Australia

Seriously,Australia, it's decisions like electing Tony Abbott that make me glad I made your continent soi far away from everyone else.

God and Vanity

Men have had the vanity to pretend that the whole universe was made for them, whilst in reality the whole universe does not suspect their existence.

Reverently Burgled from God

God and Blasphemy

If I were as  powerful as  they claim,  I would not  need the  protection of  Rabbi, Priest  or Imam

God and Delusion

When enough people share a delusion, it loses its status as a psychosis and gets a religious tax exemption instead.

Reverently burgled from God

God and the Easter Bunny


Reverently burgled from God

God and the Bronze Age

Sometime in the Bronze Age, someone found a way to harness the power of ritual for political ends

Reverently burgled from God

God and Creationism

God and Creationism

Reverently burgled from God

God and Knowledge

Why do the people who know the least, know it the loudest?

Reverently burgled from God

God and Morality

All religions have based morality on obedience. That is to say, on voluntary slavery.

God and Simple Answers

Beware of those who try to sell you simple answers to complex questions.

God and Mammaries

God and Mammaries

Reverently burgled from God whose Word is here

God and Judgement

People are often judged by what they say they believe; not on what they are seen to do.

God and Sin

God and Sin

Reverently burgled from God

God and Asylum Seekers

Tony, Please stop  calling  Asylum Seekers ‘Illegals’  I don’t like it.

God and Mistakes

Mistakes in philosophy are merely ridiculous, Mistakes in religion are dangerous.


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