God and Australia

Seriously,Australia, it's decisions like electing Tony Abbott that make me glad I made your continent soi far away from everyone else.

Seven Years for Peter Greste

The news that Peter Greste has received a sentence of seven years in an Egyptian goal will be met with justifiable outrage from his fellow Australians. He is a journalist who was doing his job.greste

We are all aware that the Laws in other countries are a bit different from ours.

Drug charges can and have attracted the death penalty or very long sentences. These sentences have at least been imposed after lengthy trials with both sides of the case being aired and obvious justice being done.

The outrage in  this case is that the evidence was sketchy and irrelevant, there was no defence heard. This is just not acceptable. There must be some semblance of justice when foreign nationals are sentenced and imprisoned.

That is a rule we apply here in Australia. We would never imprison people without a fair trial. It is totally unAustralian.



We have concentration camps for refugees.

People who have done nothing wrong and are simply trying to survive. They are not given a chance of freedom. The Government has said so. And the unimposed sentence could well be longer than seven years!

Yet we will become a nation of angry people because some mob of forriners has done exactly what we have done.

To one of our own.

Do we have the right to say anything at all about this sentence and their unfairness to one of our citizens.

I feel immensely sorry for Peter and his family.

But we have forfeited our right to complain.



TO BE HEARD before the Court of Public Opinion

Charges of Piracy, Kidnapping and Murder

DEFENDANTS: Individually and severally, Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia; Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration of Australia: Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, Head of Operation Sovereign Borders, All Commanders and Crew Members of vessels involved in Operation Sovereign Borders; Staff of Manus Island Detention Centre.

Piracy, “a felony, such as robbery or hijacking, committed aboard a ship or aircraft”

There are multiple charges of PIRACY against the defendants.

There have been numerous examples of Piracy in the past two months. Vessels were removed from their Master’s control and their authority has been usurped.

These events happened on divers occaisions includingt but not limited to, on, or about 13th Dec 2013; 23rd Dec 2013; 1st Jan 2014; 8th Jan 2014; 11th Jan 2014; 16th Jan 2014; 31st Jan 2014; 5th Feb, 21st Feb 2014.

Kidnapping “abducting by force or fraud”orange

Multiple charges of KIDNAPPING are also being brought against the defendants.

On the aforementioned dates, at least 315 human persons had their liberty taken from them. While some of those persons were abducted within Australian territorial waters the rest were abducted on the high seas and taken, against their will, to assorted places. Some were forcibly or fraudulewntly taken on board Australian flagged vessels and illegally transported through Australian Waters and across the High Seas before being abandoned at sea.

Murder “to kill someone unlawfully with premeditation or during the commission of a crime”horror

TWO charges of Murder are being brought against the Defendants.

At the Manus Island Detention Camp, on Monday, 16th Feb 2014, Reza Barati was deprived of his life in an unlawful riot. Eyewitness accounts state that the riot was caused by G4S staff who had been tasked with the running of the Detention Camp. The death of the said Reza Barati occurred inside the Detention Camp.

Another Iranian was evacuated to Australia with critical neck injuries and it is now accepted he has since died and his relatives in Ahwaz, Iran notified.

The prosecution reserves to right to bring further charges against some or all of the defendants as evidence comes to light.

The prosecution demands custodial sentences for all defendants!

Please note, in internet terminology, IANAL.

Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to January 11th


Lady Penelope on call

11th Jan

No Information released by Herr ÜberGrossenFührerMorrison’s Sea Security. Supreme Leader Abbott has said that we are at war with people smugglers and secrecy is essential in a war!



I’m a little confused in this new format – I could add stuff at the bottom of the post but it feels better to have it up here.

Just after I posted this morning, I received information,gosford1 anonymous of course, that the 23rd Dec “return” was real and involved  7 Rohingya, 3 Tamil, 4 Iranians, 29 from Afghanistan & Pakistan – in all 43 people including 2 women and 2 chidren. There were 2  sick older people who went to hospital.”

In other information which I have had for several days with no confirmation, there may well have been another FOUR unreported returns.

All this is added to the rumour that there was a refugee vessel which left Indonesia on the 7th of this month.

Secrecy like this is normally seen in repressive dictatorships!


Back on the 28th Dec last year, Vince O’Grady alerted me to the fact that the icebreaker, “Ocean Protector” had left Christmas Island, disappeared and had reappeared in Singapore. We suspected that she possibly was there to either escort the two patrol boats which have been gifted to the criminal Sri Lankan Government. The distances involved being longer than the range of a patrol boat it seemed a possibility. When she didn’t move from Singapore we came up with the alternative theory that she was being serviced. We were wrong on both counts.

Now we know why she was there.

The South Coast Register is reporting that, “Australian customs ship the Ocean Protector prepared to leave Singapore, understood to be carrying 10 large lifeboats that will be used to send asylum seekers back to Indonesia if their own boats are unseaworthy.

Wheels within wheels?

Of more concern is the comment at the end of the article. Remembering that everything being said and done by Indonesia must be viewed through the lens of this year’s Indonesian Election, how should we take this? “It is understood the Abbott government’s silence over the policy of turn-backs is smoothing the way for Jakarta to tolerate the practice. General Hurley was recently assured by his Indonesian counterpart General Moeldoko that the Indonesian military would accept boat turnarounds. It is understood that shifting the sensitive issue to a military-to-military level is going some way to placating Jakarta, provided the Australian government says little about the practice.

“RETURNS” is easier to say than “tow/turn back”

ABC reports that “The UN refugee agency says it is awaiting an explanation from the Australian Government over reports asylum seeker boats have been forcibly returned to Indonesia. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is warning such actions may place Australia in breach of its obligations under international law. “UNHCR is seeking details from the Australian parties about these recent reports,” said spokesman Babar Baloch. But Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison, has insisted that “border protection is a matter of national sovereignty”.


19th Nov, ”  “An Australian Customs patrol boat had to rescue about 40 asylum-seekers at the weekend after accidentally ripping the bow of the boat away and causing it to start sinking. Multiple sources have told Fairfax Media that the patrol boat was trying to tow the fishing vessel when it damaged the front of the vessel, causing it to take on water.

13th Dec, 47 people Rote Island

1st Jan 45 people Rote Island

I am hearing some rumours about another “return” dated around 23rd Dec in the area of South Java. Sheer, unconfirmed rumour but without official information this is the way we have to go. I am expecting to hear about more “returns” as it would be surprising if the Government were to be spending several millions of dollars on Lifeboats if there were only three towbacks up until now.



Christmas Island; The monsoon trough lies to the north of Christmas Island, and is expected to move south towards the island during Friday. Forecast for the rest of Saturday 11 January Partly cloudy. Winds: Variable 5 to 10 knots. Seas: Up to 1.0 metre. Swell: South to southwesterly 1.5 to 2.0 metres. Max 28 (BOM)

Cocos Island; The monsoon trough lies to the north of the islands. A moderate southeasterly trade flow is expected over the next few days. Forecast for the rest of Saturday 11 January Chance of a shower. Winds: Southeasterly 10 to 15 knots. Seas: 1.5 to 2.0 metres. Swell: Southerly 2.0 to 2.5 metres. Max 30 (BOM)

Cirabon; 29C, wind; 5-10Kmh SW, showers est 3mm


arrival list


The weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.



To find older information click here

(the dates are all “skewiff” so keep opening “new page” to find recent posts)


Refugee Boat Timeline – Updated to September 17th

This list is based on what is being reported in the MSM and what I can find from a couple of specialist sites. This is to give a layman’s impression of what is going on and may say more about the MSM than the facts.

The updated, weekly figures I have collated.
This will be updated each week.


This is as at 11.15am WST. It may be updated further if any more boats arrive today,

To stop this posting from becoming as large as a Tolstoy novel, in future I will drop off any daily information more than about a week old.

To find the older information click here


SEPT 17th; Of course there have been no reports in the MSM. MSM? Muddied Stream Media!

The Hazara Refugee Website reported last night that an asylum seeker vessel with 205 people on board was intercepted by the Royal Australian Navy after the vessel sent out a mayday call on Sunday morning. The boat was about halfway between Indonesia and Christmas Island when it sent out a call for distress at 8.11am with reports it was sinking.

A spokesperson from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said “Rescue Co-ordination Centre (RCC) Australia received a call for assistance from a vessel at 8.11am this morning, It issued an urgency broadcast to shipping regarding the vessel at 8.56am.” A merchant vessel responded to the broadcast, and it was due to meet the boat at 1.30pm. HMAS Parramatta, a frigate, and HMAS Pirie, a patrol boat, were also sent to meet the vessel, the Parramatta intercepting the boat at 1pm.

I do not recall seeing this emergency report on the AMSA website on Sunday morning. The alert was given at 7am WST, I was checking the site by 7:30 WST and assistance was not provided until 11am WST. Yet at no stage was anything noted on the AMSA website. I noted on Sunday 15th that there was a lot of unexplained activity around Christmas Island.

I have noticed the same this morning. One vessel disappeared while I was doing the screen shot  – the MV Diamond Princess a cargo vessel registered in Thailand. The other is a cargo vessel flagged in China named the Tong Cheng 702. They have been acting just like military vessels looking for SIEV’s. It is interesting that these vessels have a habit of disappearing completely from the Live Ships chart. They don’t go anywhere. They just disappear. Then different vessels appear out of no where!



SEPT 16th; As expected, nothing reported in the MSM

Customs updated its media releases this morning with THREE new vessels. This explains the activity I have seen around Flying Fish Cove over the past 48 hours.

From Sept 13th there is an addition. ACV Triton, operating under the control of Border Protection Command intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel south-east of Ashmore Islands today. Initial reporting suggests there are four passengers and two crew on board.

From 14th Sept, “HMAS Ballarat, operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia), rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north of Christmas Island overnight. Initial reporting suggests there are 23 passengers and two crew on board.”

From 15th Sept, “HMAS Ballarat, operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia), rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-north-east of Christmas Island last night. Initial reporting suggests there are 76 passengers and three crew on board.

That is, by my count, NINE vessels which have arrived since Tony “I will stop the boats from day one” Abbott was elected.

SEPT 15th; Nothing reported in the MSM

The Live Ships Sites showed a lot of activity around Christmas Island overnight and this morning. I have been unable to find any reports of vessels being intercepted. I shall watch the beginning of next week with interest. Someone, somewhere will let something slip. Of course it may have just been training manouvres.

With the looming blackout from the Governement I expect my Customs’ notifications to disappear along with the AMSA emergency alerts. Mike Smith and Scott Morrison will stop reporting arrivals. It may be that discovering arrivals will stop being a real-time thing and become delayed and inaccurate guesswork. But then I am a sucker for conspiracy theories *grin*

SEPT 14th; Nothing reported in the MSM

This is unsurprising as it is not in Rupert Murdoch’s interest to let the Australian people know that Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison have already begun to fail in their new positions.

Then I spotted a tweet from a noted journalist that another Asylum seeker vessel with 25 people on board has arrived. I assume it is to do with the maddened gadflys shown on the Live Ships website which were the ships near Christmas Island last night and this morning.

That is now five vessels in eight days since “I will make a difference from Day One” Abbott was elected.

SEPT 13th; Nothing reported in the MSM

Customs issued a press release (I received it via email) this morning – Border Protection Command intercepts vessel; HMAS Armidale, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north-west of Christmas Island overnight. Initial reporting suggests there are 158 people on board.

It seems Indonesia really is going to be a problem for Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison in their condescending plans to use that pesky country full of unimportant brown people as a destination for asylum seekers.

SEPT 12th; A passing radio report about a suspected asylum seeker vessel was overheard on ABC local radio yesterday while I was driving from Bunbury to Perth. I suspect it was the one reported by the Hazara’s yesterday.

SEPT 11th; Nothing reported in the MSM

On Sept 12th The Hazara Refugee website reported. “HMAS Glenelg operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia) rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north of Christmas Island yesterday. Initial reporting suggests there are 74 passengers and two crew on board.

SEPT 10th;

I spotted a bit of movement from HMAS Glenelg and HMAS Parramatta last evening and did some checking. Amongst the mud, dirt and slime of Mike Smith’s blog of hate I found a reference to an AMSA notice I had missed. “PAN PAN FM RCC AUSTRALIA 100607Z SEP 2013 AUSSAR 2013/6118 INDIAN OCEAN NORTHERN PART CHART AUS 4071 A) REFUGEE VESSEL WITH 100 POB REQUESTING ASSISTANCE IN VICINITY 07-48.31S 105-56.51E. B) VESSELS WITHIN 10 HOURS REPORT BEST ETA”

SEPT 9th : One vessel reported in the MSMno boats

Armidale (I think) has been doing its demented gadfly trick overnight so I expect reports of a vessel being intercepted later today. AMSA has had no distress reports for three days.

3pm update – As expected a boat was in the vicinity of Christmas Island and, with some unusual passengers, it made the MSM. ABC Online News reported (I first heard it on ABC Local Radio), “Two journalists have arrived on Christmas Island after travelling by sea on an asylum seeker boat escorted by HMAS Armidale. Customs officials say there were 57 passengers and two crew on board. There is speculation the journalists are from The New York Times.

SEPT 8th : No Vessels Reported in the MSM

The Hazara Refugee website reports “A SUSPECTED asylum-seeker boat carrying 88 people has been intercepted by Customs northwest of Darwin. Initial reporting suggests there are 88 passengers and two crew on board.

SEPT 7th : No Vessels Reported in the MSM

Customs reported that, on Sept 6th, “HMAS Armidale and HMAS Parramatta operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-north-east of Christmas Island today. Initial reporting suggests there are 90 passengers and four crew on board.

Following today’s election, Scott Morrison will now become Immigration Minister and he has stated in the past that he sees no need to continually report arriving vessels. So things may go underground very soon.

SEPT 6TH; No Vessels Reported in the MSM


HMAS Armidale is travelling NE from Flying Fish Coce at 18 kts

Late today the Hazara Website reported “HMAS Armidale and HMAS Parramatta rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-north-east of Christmas Island today. Initial reporting suggests there are 90 passengers and four crew on board.”

SEPT 5TH No vessels reported in the MSM

SEPT 4th No vessels reported in the MSM

SEPT 3rd No vessels reported in the MSM

Nothing spotted in any of my usual sources. Although there is an interesting vessel on the live ships map – it is allegedly travelling at 81.6kts on a heading of 148. WOW!

The other thing I have noticed is that the MSM have gone back to a June tragedy to fill their front pages. So there is nothing current which interests them. Perhaps this is so that, should they get their desired election result, all lowering of refugee numbers can be credited to the incoming Government. You read that conspiracy theory right here, first! It seems to be EIGHT days since a confirmed Asylum Seeker boat has arrived in Australian waters.

The Hazara Website reported on 3rd Sept that “HMAS Parramatta rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-west of Christmas Island overnight. Initial reporting suggests there are 31 passengers and two crew on board.” and also that “HMAS Pirie rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-west of Christmas Island this morning. Initial reporting suggests there are 31 people on board.

Fiji and The Rudd Solution

Refugees should not be sent to Manus Island.

Fiji’s Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola yesterday slammed Australia and the “Rudd Solution”.

In an address at the Australia-Fiji Business Forum in Brisbane on Monday, Mr Kubuabola said Australia’s PNG plan, which Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced earlier this month, had been made without proper consideration of the consequences.

Mr Kubuabola said Fiji was ”decidedly less-than happy” with the PNG deal, saying Australian politics was affecting Fijian affairs and demanded that Australia consult with the region.

”It is our business. Before this goes any further, we want thorough regional consultation … We demand to have our voices heard.

So what is this “Fiji” and why should we listen to it? fiji1

Since independence there have been four coups in Fiji, two in 1987, one in 2000 and one in late 2006. The military has been either ruling directly, or heavily influencing governments since 1987. The Military has based its armed takeovers from democratically elected Parliaments on a dislike of that part of the Fijian community which had an Indian ancestry.

Over a hundred years, the descendents of the Indian labourers brought into Fiji by British landowners has grown to become a majority in the country. The military coups has caused many of those of Indian descent to leave the country. To become refugees within the wider world.

Now this racist dictatorship has decided to butt in on an agreement made between two other countries. Australia and PNG have chosen to deal with the problem of people dying at sea in a humane and potentially successful way.

Why have Fiji chosen to interfere In Australian Politics?

Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama

Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama

Australia-Fiji relations have been stretched to breaking point in recent years. Along with a number of other countries, Australia applied sanctions to the country in 2006 after a military coup that installed Frank Bainimarama as leader. In 2009, after being suspended from the Commonwealth of nations and from the Pacific Islands Forum, Fiji expelled the Australian high commissioner, but diplomatic relations between the two countries resumed in 2012.

Now this dictatorship has seen a chance for revenge.

The Fijian Foreign Minister said Australia’s policy was ”high-handed” and ”arrogant” and threatened to destabilise Melanesian societies. ”This was done to solve a domestic political problem and for short-term political gain without proper consideration of the long-term consequences. This deal and those mooted with Solomon Islands and Vanuatu clearly threatens our interests by altering the fundamental social fabric of any … country that accepts a deal with Australia.”

He went on to say his country could not “‘remain silent when the current Australian government dumps this problem, which is arguably in its own making, on our doorstep”.

For an Australian problem, you have proposed a Melanesian solution that threatens to destabilise the already delicate social and economic balances in our societies”

This racist diatribe has come from a lackey of his own country’s dictator who created his own wave of refugees.

Like the confected outrage allegedly found in low level Indonesian responses and the NIMBY comments quoted from a few Manus Islanders these Fijian comments will be used by sections of the Australian Media in their never-ending need to embarrass the Australian Government. Giving legitimacy to an illegitimate dictator.

Aligning Bainimarama and Morrison in common cause.

And stop calling it “Mannus”. It is pronounced “Marnus”.


Everything Old is New Again #3

When President Obama announced his intention to remain a player in the Asian Hemisphere in May 2012, I wrote of how politicians do not run the world.

How the world is run by secretive backroom bureaucrats in departments similar to our “Foreign Affairs”.

How they have become the One World Government all the Conspiracy Theorists warn us of.

Every now and then accidents happen and they briefly appear in the light, as has happened this week with “Prisoner X”.

Using “Trove” I was looking through old editions of “The Argus“, a now defunct Melbourne Daily.

In the issue of Saturday 10 February 1940, before Japan entered WW2, this cartoon appeared.


Because of my position in time I immediately thought of a USA vs China problem but then I realised it is actually Japan on the other end of the rope of “Good Relations”. Just as today, America and China are on opposite ends of a similar rope of Trading Relations. Each country needs the other to survive economically.

My perspective suddenly began to jump backwards and forwards as I read this John Garnaut article in The Age of 16th Feb 2013.

In part it reads, “WITHIN two decades the United States will be forced out of the western Pacific, says a senior Chinese military officer, amid concerns that increasingly militarised great-power rivalry could lead to war.

Senior Colonel Liu Mingfu’s. . . . . .   interpretation of one facet of what the new Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, calls ”a new type of great-power relationship” adds to the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding China’s strategic ambitions.

Concern about China’s strategic ambitions has grown since last year’s Chinese occupation of islands administered by the Philippines in the South China Sea and, particularly, China’s continuing brinkmanship with Japan and its security guarantor, the US, in the East China Sea.Japanese leaders have accused China of locking weapons-guiding radars on Japanese targets – which China denies – while Western military sources say Chinese planes, ships and submarines have challenged Japanese-controlled waters and airspace around the Senkaku Islands.

Some security analysts say Australian political leaders are in public denial about the stakes involved and invidious choices the nation may have to face.

”It’s the most dangerous strategic crisis that the US has faced – that the world has faced – since the end of the Cold War,” said Hugh White, former deputy secretary of the Department of Defence.

China and Japan, he said, were drifting closer to a war that could draw in the US. ”This makes rather a nonsense of the mantra we hear both from Gillard and Abbott that ‘we don’t have to choose between the US and China’,” he said.

The cartoon above was published just 21 months before Pearl Harbour. It is looking as though Australia will need to make a choice between China and America rather soon.

Stilnox and the Great Australian Sporting Sleep

It seems that the sleeping drug “Stilnox” has come into the headlines over the past couple of days.

Grant Hackett, Swimming Star of the 2000 & 2004 Olympics and almost star of the 2008 Olympics, has revealed that he was prescribed the drug by the Australian Sw2imming Team doctor from 2003 as he was having problems sleeping.

What was not told to him and what may not have been generally known is that there are side effects.

The revelations prompted (AOC president John) Coates and AOC chief operating officer Craig Phillips to review the peak sporting body’s medical manual following the claims aired by Hackett.

The revised medical manual includes a new section dealing with “sleep and relaxation strategies” and officials will be able to search rooms of athletes if they are suspected of using prescription medications at the Games.

“We’ve also decided to better highlight the guidelines attached to the team medical manual in respect of the use of caffeine.

“Because we are very worried about the vicious cycle of athletes taking caffeine as a performance-enhancer then needing to take drugs such as Stilnox to get to sleep,” Coates said.

So, from the admissions of one troubled athlete who has retired, talking about events from four years ago, there have been sudden and profound changes to the rules Australian athletes are forced to live under.

Just weeks before the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

In totally unrelated news, I note that the Australian Olympic Team is being sponsored by a Vitamin and Health tablet Company. This is really good news as anything healthy is good for athletes.

Especially if it can be used to increase advertising power and the credibility of the product.

Swisse  have done a great job tying their “Ultivite” range into a healthy, sporty, Australian lifestyle.

As I was walking through my local Chemist Shop yesterday I was pleased to note that they have quite a range of products. I was particularly taken by two products I hadn’t seen before.

And I thought to myself, “That is interesting. I wonder. Nah! It couldn’t possibly be linked.”

There is no way that Grant Hackett would be receiving money from Swisse to make the startling revelations above with this precise timing. Or that there is a possibility of an advertising campaign linking Australian Olympic Athletes to a Swisse sleep enhancing product.

So I wandered off to write the Stilnox story above knowing that there will never be any connection between the two thought strands in my mind.

As I wrote just below the bouncing Kangaroos. It is totally unrelated news.

China Vs United States – Why Australia Will Lose!

Before I go any further, let me explain my position. I am on the “Left” side of politics. An anti-war greenie ex-ALP member. Yet it matters little where I fit on the internal political landscape. What matters is where Australia fits on the international landscape. This post is not about party political differences. It is about our hidden Government. And no! I am not a diplomat. Just an amateur student of world affairs informed by the past and reading the omens.

Every nation in the world has one.

Secretive and mostly working in the shadows. A Government body making commitments and friendships with people we never hear about.

Only ever showing the results of its machinations and activities in the occasional public announcements of its head.

It is the most important department any nation can have.

No, it is not Treasury, the department we are always worried about. The one that determines how we shall live. No. This department is even more important.

It determines whether we SHALL live!

And by what rules.

In Australia it is known as the Department of Foreign Affairs. In the USA it is the State Department. China has its Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

All the secretive connivings and agreements are basically about trade. About how one nation can either enrich itself or at the very least, not be disadvantaged by a change in trading conditions. Those spy novels we were brought up on were not about a clash of cultures but about a clash of economic theories. Capitalism versus Communism.

The current test of strength between the US and China is still about trade. Determining which form of Capitalism will prevail.

We never see the back room battles. We are distracted by the Fleming and le Carré stories of human daredevilry and pathos.

In the back rooms, at the highest levels schemes and plans are put into place which will mature in a decade or a generation or, in extreme cases, in a century. Plans laid and executed by people we never see, never vote for. The truly faceless government.

We often hear of the threat of a One World Government.

The favourite of the conspiracy theorists. The bad news is that we have had one for centuries. While our individual national Treasuries are handled by relatively well known financial wizards and publicly elected treasurers under accepted Governmental oversight of one form or another, Foreign Affairs operates outside of and above the political hurly-burly. It is party-less and almost unaccountable.

The information it deals with puts our current Australian fixation with Thomson, Mirabella, Slipper and Pyne to shame. Diplomats need to know everything about everyone yet cannot admit to knowing anything. Which is why the Wikileaks’ dumping of huge numbers of confidential diplomatic emails was such a sin.

It is why Julian Assange will get no support from any Government in the world. Daniel Ellsberg only lifted the lid on his own country’s dealings. Assange has embarrassed the entire World Government. Which is why Gillard is so obdurate about not intervening and  helping him. Foreign Affairs has spoken! He must be turned into a horrible example. No one must be allowed to play with the levers of power, opening “Realpolitik“, as Henry Kissinger described it, to the public view.

We only see stuff-ups when they lead to a war. For, although they are a One World Government, there are still factions and alliances and the ultimate threat is not an election but armed conflict. Diplomats handle the day to day matters within a framework set by the real rulers of the world. To be the Foreign Minister of Australia or Britain, to be the Secretary of State of the USA, to be the equivalent in Russia or China is to be close to and beholden to the true holders of power. In recent times, Kevin Rudd has shown that he knows where the biggest game in the world is taking place.

Dictators and madmen sometimes come to power.

Not everything always goes to plan. Luckily, regardless of the self-perceived immortality of these international irritants, they are as mortal as the rest of us. Yet they can create disturbances in international relations. I first saw a fictional account of this in the incident of the “Mule” in Isaac Azimov’s Foundation Series. Six hundred years into a thousand year galactic history which had been planned and predicted by a social engineer, a rogue element appeared. He appeared to totally derail the pre-laid plans yet, after his death, everything settled back into its predicted course.

Foreign Affairs is similar. Madmen and dictators may create ripples which appear to be overwhelming and miscalculations may cause huge wars with incalculable human tragedies yet somehow civilisation continues on. Hitler, Pol Pot and Kim Il Sung will be as irrelevant as the Ayatollahs when our descendants look at the sweep of history. The long range plans of the World Government will continue.

The Great War was begun almost by accident.

We saw a miscalculation early last century which resulted in two major wars and we may be seeing similar miscalculation now.

An Arch Duke was assassinated in a remote European State and, through a complicated network of treaties, the long-established British Empire and the newly-growing Germany went to war. In a lot of ways the so-called Second World War was simply a continuation of the Great War.

Over the past weeks there have been oil-field difficulties between China and long-term US ally, the Phillipines. In fact, China claims sovereignty over a large U-shaped area of the South China Sea, bringing it into dispute with several neighbouring countries. In recent months it has grown more assertive over the issue. Through a century-old treaty, the USA must come to the aid of the Phillipines.

There is a potential conflict ahead.

Between Australia’s long-term ally and its new-found giant trading partner.

With hundreds of ships plying the seas between Chinese ports and Australian mining ports and with a newly negotiated US Marine base in Darwin, along with other US bases within this island nation, the potential for spill-over of any conflict, verbal or actual, between the fading old and the growing new Superpowers must involve Australia.

We are too small to ignore the demands of the US. Yet we are too important a supplier of raw materials to China for them to allow us to become simply a US base in a potentially “hot” conflict.

Put into this context announcements by President Obama last year have an ominous import for Australia.

In the game of chess there is a situation known as Zugzwang. A player whose turn it is to move who has no move that does not worsen his position is said to be in zugzwang.

Australia’s foreign Affairs Department has successfully negotiated us into Zugzwang. We must make a move and whatever move we make, we must lose!

Forget about changing the situation by changing the Minister. He is always helpless, regardless of era, party or desires! He is a prisoner of the true rulers of Australia.

All we can do is sit and wait.

And worry about our children.

The Right and Polite Discourse

Political  discourse has always been robust in Australia.

We are proud of our free speech and ability to call an idiot politician a nong.

That “free Speech” has taken a right turn for the worse and now, in most countries in the world, what is happening in Australia would attract the attention of the security forces.  Although they all seem to be looking only at Left-Wing activities.

Not at the words appearing in print, on our TV’s and coming out of our radios.

Words which call for the death of, or physical harm to, our elected leaders.

In most countries, that is considered terrorism or incitement to terrorism. Somehow, it is all just good fun in Australia. Robust has taken on a new meaning.

Wendy Harmer has collected a list of ten insults and threats to our current Australian Prime Minister. Written like that they seem almost innocuous.

Here is another collection and this time the anger and hatred jumps out at you!

Can we please get back to calling our leaders “nongs”? It would be so much easier on our national blood pressure.

Thank You, Dr Bob Brown

From the conscription fights of the late 1960’s, through the Lake Pedder protests in the 1970’s;Bob Brown from the Franklin Dam to the decriminalisation of homosexuality you have been in the forefront of Left-wing activism.

When you were elected to the Tasmanian Parliament after your jailing over the Franklin Dam protests you introduced a wide range of Young bob brown in Tasmaniaprivate member’s initiatives to Tasmania. Freedom of information, death with dignity, lowering parliamentary salaries, gay law reform, banning the battery-hen industry and advocation for nuclear free Tasmania were all issues you introduced and promoted.

Always a prophet, in 1987 you introduced a bill to ban semi-automatic guns which was voted down by both Liberal and Labor members of Tasmania’s House of Assembly, nine years before the Port Arthur massacre.

Moving to the Federal sphere in 1996 you were, as in Tasmania, a lone voice in the beginning. Bob BrownAs in Tasmania, you have helped the Greens grow into a position of influence. On the greater stage of the entire continent, you have carried on your fights for the environment and for human rights without compromise even when it was “not politic” to do so. You showed your constancy by returning to the fight for Peace with your welcome and determined opposition to the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent occupation of Afghanistan.

Now, at 67, you are retiring. Watching your resignation speech and your off the cuff answers to the assembled media, I have been struck by your good humour and humble thanks to all your colleagues, your partner and even to the media which has, at times, made your life Hell.

“I am sad to leave but happy to go. It is good knowing that the Greens have such a depth of talent and experience lined up for leadership – I could only dream about that a decade ago”, Senator Brown said.

It is prime time to hand over the reins. I offer a huge ‘thank you’ to the 1.7 million Australian voters who elected our Green team, and to my 9 colleagues: they have made each Green year in this parliament better than the year before – though the best is yet to come. For example, our policies for fairly taxing the resources boom and carbon polluters, uniquely enable the Greens to fund a national disabilities insurance scheme, the Gonski education reforms, Denticare, renewable energy businesses, as well as progress on High Speed Rail linking our major cities.

“I also thank my splendid staff, including my longtime friend, confidant, and fount of good political sense, Chief of Staff, Ben Oquist,” Senator Brown said.

Despite the huge increase in the power and influence of your creation, The Australian Greens, you, Bob Brown have not forgotten that activism is aboutBob Brown small causes, about small people doing small things. In your resignation speech, you referred to having time for, “…fresh green pursuits including writing, photography, music, occasional talks, bushwalking, and getting out with Paul to see Miranda Gibson who has been perched for 120 days 60 metres high, in defence of a giant tree facing destruction in central Tasmania,” 

While fighting for the big things in our world; peace, human rights, climate change and “a fair go”, you have not lost sight of the small things. That a single tree has value, that a single life has value is still an important part of your philosophy. You have always stayed connected to your roots.

You have given so much of your life to us. I hope your retirement is long and, when you escape doing the dishes, that it is filled with a joyous rediscovery of all the things you have sacrificed to bring your vision, a great vision, of Australia’s future closer to fruition.

Thank you, Dr Bob Brown, Honourable Citizen of Australia.

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Walkabout Apr 1st, 1948

Top 10 Internet Filter Lies in Australia

Lie #10: An ISP filter is the best option out there.

Calls to provide parents with tools to control their children’s access to the internet are well founded and practical. An optional, computer level filter would be far more efficient and cost effective without handing over unnecessary power to a government body. And this is the plan that Australians actually want. GetUp’s Galaxy phone poll found that 86% of Australians think that parents, not the Government or Internet Service Providers, should have the primary responsibility for protecting children online.

from an article by by Eliza Cussen on “The Punch”, an online discussion forum.

There are the ten big lies which our Government are telling us.Of course it will not help to simply cast your vote for the Conservatives. They would not dare to alienate the “Church Vote” by dropping the filter.

It will only filter “RC” content.” But watch how quickly a filter will quickly remove sites about “Bypassing the AU Internet Filter”.

Top 10 Internet Filter Lies in Australia

Lie #9: The filter would be impenetrable.

No matter how smart filtering technology may be, there is always someone smarter. The current model of filter has already been cracked. In fact, there’s a good chance your children can show you how. What’s more, organisations around the world are already developing ways to get around the filters of oppressive regimes. One that’s doing a particularly good job in helping Iranians get around their Government filter is Access Now (hyperlink:http://www.accessnow.org/), founded with the support of organisation’s like Avaaz.org, MoveOn and Australian organisation GetUp.org.au).

from an article by by Eliza Cussen on “The Punch”, an online discussion forum.

Top 10 Internet Filter Lies in Australia

Lie #8: If you’re anti mandatory filtering you’re pro child porn.

Conroy, through his argument in parliament and in the media, has constructed a universe where those who question mandatory filtering are, by extension, in support of child pornography. Surely he wouldn’t accuse people within his own party of being pro child porn. Would he?

from an article by by Eliza Cussen on “The Punch”, an online discussion forum.


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