Street Art

Making the rubbish bins look a little more attractive.
More of the genius of Wolf Lane

street art 19

I Have Learned #1

I have learned 1

Street Art

street art 18

I have found the wonderful Wolf Lane off King Street in Perth.

Sid and Sod #621


BBC Quiz of the Week

                                                                quiz17LAST Week:- I could not find the Quiz and this week, I found ouyt why. The BBC has changed things around. As you can see from my score record.


In other news, Australia’s Govenment has decided that we should ignore the Ebola emergency unless “It appears in our part of the world.” I spend a lot of time being ashamed of my country at the moment.


Hats and Crowns:- I scored a 3/7 a couple of weeks ago.  Bunk Strutts won himself a week with the Hat with his 1/7.


THIS Week:- I was able to score a 4/7 this week. How will you go?

Previous Dunces

10th Oct – no quiz

3rd Oct. 1/7, Bunk Strutts,

26th Sept, 3/7, No Hats this week.

19th Sept, 0/7, healingmagichands

12th Sept, 4/7, No Hats this week.

4th Sept, 4/7, No Hats this week.

29th Aug, 2/7, Rob, daisyfae, healingmagichands

22nd Aug, 3/7, No Hats Awarded

15th Aug, 0/7, healingmagichands

8th Aug, 1/7, daisyfae

1st Aug, 5/7, No Hats Awarded

25th July, 4/7, No Hats awarded

18th July, 1/7, healingmagichands

11th July , 3/7, No hat awarded

4th July, 2/7, healingmagichands

27th June, 2/7, Rob

2oth June, 3/7, No hat awarded

13th June, 1/7, Rob

7th June, 3/7, No Hat awarded

30th May, 4/7, No hat awarded


Crown Winners (7/7)

14th Sept, 2012, healingmagichands

28th Sept, 2012, dinahmow

5th Oct, 2012, dinahmow, healingmagichands, Buff

7th Dec, 2012, healingmagichands, Rob

31st May, 2013, dinahmow

14th June, 2013, dinahmow

26th July 2013, dinahmow

9th August 2013, dinahmow

21st Mar, 2014, healingmagichands

1st Aug, 2014, healingmagichands

Lots of Fun


In the 1930′s & 1940′s when these were published in The Western Mail,

PCishness was not a consideration

old joke 17a

old joke 17b

old joke 17c

old joke 17d

old joke 17e






Sid and Sod #620



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