Refugees at Sea; 28th July

A record of the attempts

panicking and hopeless people make

To reach Australia, the Land of the Fair Go.


28th July



One of my worries has always been that due to the secrecy of Operation Sovereign Borders I would miss some of the attempts to reach Australia. Even worse, that we may lose asylum seekers who set off yet are never recovered or reported.
Luckily the unofficial  group of “Watchers in the Dark” to which I belong has, as one of its members, Kaye. Last night Kaye contacted me with the information that the 153 asylum seekers who have been landed at Cocos  Keeling Islands have been assigned SIEV (Suspected Irregular Entry Vessel) number 885. Kaye’s previous confirmed SIEV Number was the vessel on December 14th, 2013 which was SIEV 871.
Although I keep this list, and add to it as more asylum seeker boats, which HAVE been stopped so are not really there, are intercepted by Operation Sovereign Borders, it is the result of other’s work. Oliver Laughland ( @oliverlaughland) from the Guardian, Sarah Whyte (@SarWhyte )  from Fairfax and George Roberts (@George_Roberts) from the ABC are the main sources although the Watchers in the Dark are often ahead of both the MSM and my own efforts.
So, when I was given the SIEV number of the vessel which carried 153 Tamils by Kaye last night our immediate fear was that some vessels had been missed off the list, or that some vessels had sunk without trace.
A close look at all non-official reported arrivals has revealed that we, the watchers, can take a big bow. It seems we have broken through all of Morrison’s paranoid secrecy. Every boat is accounted for with no leftovers.



Here is the list of reported attempts to reach Australia. From Mid-December (SIEV 871) and today (SIEV 885) I have reduced the records to “bare bones” by removing much information about the people, concentrating on the boat and added the potential SIEV Numbers in blue.
The only uncertainty I have  is about the vessel from late February which I have designated SIEV 880.

27th June – 153 people ex India. This is now reported by the Guardian as SIEV 885.

23rd June – 1 vessel reported “off North West Australia” by the Guardian. Apprehended by ACV Triton. SIEV 884

12th June “Sithumina” ex Batticaloa, Sri Lanka . SIEV 883

2nd May – 54 from Sri Lanka – intercepted by Sri Lankan Navy. No SIEV Number

27th Mar – “A BOAT carrying about 50 asylum-seekers is heading for Christmas Island ” No further reports of this incident.  SIEV 882

25th Feb – One lifeboat containing about 26 people found on Sth Coast of Indonesia. LIFEBOAT  SIEV 881 ?

21st Feb – THREE vessels reported by “The Weekend Australian” as being turned back since 7th Feb.  Do these three  include SIEV 879 as well as  SIEV 880 & SIEV 881

5th Feb – one vessel returned to Pangandaran. around 31 people all apparently adult males. LIFEBOAT SIEV 878

3rd Feb – Reportedly, ONE vessel intercepted off CI, unknown number of passengers taken into custody. SIEV 879

31st Jan - Reportedly, TWO vessels being pushed back to Indonesian waters by Customs Vessels. (does one end up at Pangandaran?) LIFEBOAT SIEV 878

16th Jan – One lifeboat returned to Sukabumi with 40 adult males from the Middle East (reported 6th Feb) LIFEBOAT SIEV 877

11th Jan – One vessel left Cisarua, West Java with 56 people on board. Put into lifeboat and marooned off coast of Indonesia. SIEV 876

8th Jan – One vessel, returned to South Java from within sight of CI, shots fired, vessel sank close to shore. 25 people + 2 crew. SIEV 875

1st Jan – one vessel off Darwin towed back to Indonesian waters (sometime during this week),, 45 people including 7 women.  SIEV 874

23rd Dec – one vessel, 43 people returned to South Java. SIEV 873

19th Dec – One vessel with 97 asylum seekers. Origins unknown. SIEV 872

14th Dec – 70 refugees of “diverse” origins landed at CI by HMAS Stuart (Sri Lankans, Indians and Middle Easterners) This was definitely SIEV 871 according to Kaye’s records.




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Street Wisdom

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Sid and Sod #589


Refugees at Sea; 25th July

A record of the attempts

panicking and hopeless people make

To reach Australia, the Land of the Fair Go.


25th July


Morrison’s Boast About To Bust!

Oliver Laughland of the The Guardian is reporting; “Tamil asylum seekers held at sea will be taken to camp on Australian mainland.  Exclusive: Blow for Australia’s hardline policy as 157 people held at sea to be taken to Curtin detention centre.. . . . . senior sources have told Guardian Australia of the government’s plans. It is understood that the government plans to take the asylum seekers to Curtin detention centre in Western Australia, not Christmas Island. The customs vessel carrying the asylum seekers will land on the Cocos Islands on Saturday.”

It seems the Ocean Protector, carrying 157 Tamil asylum cocos Islandseekers who have been held as prisoners for between three and four weeks, is on its way to the Australian territory of the Cocos Islands, where the Department of Lies, Secrecy and Torture plans to transfer the asylum seekers to the Curtin Airbase on the Australian mainland.

The Ocean Protector has been hidden from view for about a month when it was last seen leaving Darwin on 23rd June. The fact that the legal asylum seekers are being landed at Cocos indicates two things. Firstly the Ocean Protector has been closer to India than Australia, hoping against hope that the Indian Government would take them off Australia’s hands.

Secondly, there are no eyes on Cocos Island to see the physical condition of these people. These men, women and children have been at sea since June 13th. Six weeks! At Cocos no one can see you on a stretcher!

Arrival at Curtin Airbase has that same advantage for the Concentration Camp guards!



Sarah Whyte of The Age has reported “Fairfax Media understands a SkyTraders Airbus 8320 has been booked to travel from Cocos Island to Curtin detention centre in north Western Australia on Saturday. A source said immigration officials had also tried to book accommodation on Cocos Islands on Saturday to facilitate the transfer and flight for the asylum seekers.

Sarah has come to the same conclusion I have below. That this decisiuon is due to bad High Court news.




This decision to give up the propoganda points of “over six months with no illegal arrivals” and “we HAVE stopped the boats” indicates that Morrison and the Government have been receiving some very bad news from their lawyers about the high court case into the legality of their detention under the Maritime Powers Act.

Rather than lose the case and have a precedent they do not want to live with, the Government will change circumstances so that the case does not go to judgement!

That is the way I see it and I don’t care how many people call me cynical!




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BBC Quiz of the Week


LAST Week:- A pretty miserable week weatherwise here. It has also been a pretty miserable time for anyone flying. there are now THREE recent plane crashes. In future I will only travel by train or car!

Hats and Crowns:- Magic Hands had a disaster last week and has been rewarded for her 1/7 with a week of hat hair.

THIS Week. Somehow I fluked 5/7 this week. How will you go in this week’s quiz?

Previous Dunces

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Lots of Fun



In the 1930′s & 1940′s when these were published in The Western Mail,

PCishness was not a consideration



old joke 25a



old joke 25b


old joke 25c


old joke 25d old joke 25e

old joke 25f old joke 25g

old joke 25h

old joke 25i


old joke 25j


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From a Roman Wall #40

romanscribe“Whatever happened to your young brother, Octavius?” Zoophilus the explorer asked Secundus.

The group of Romans at the Forum Cafeterium looked up from the important morning task of drinking from their steaming beakers of caffeinus.

“I was wondering that myself, last night.” said Libertinus. “He was the life of many convivios, parties, but he has disappeared of the scene.”

Secundus looked sadly at his friends. “He sold off his inheritance and bought a small farm. He now spends his time herding sheep and goats.”

“Why did he do that?” asked the ever-curious librarian,Literatus.

“Why on earth not?” asked Nellus Ursus, the barristerus. “He had such a lovely voice. Why, he could make any girl  – – – -.” Her voice trailed off as she blushed.

“We have no idea.” said Secundus. “I don’t think he speaks with anybody at all! He is now a hermit out on his farm. He certainly never speaks to us these days even when we go out to see him.”

“Of course he doesn’t speak any more.” said Verbo Ipsum.

He looked at the enquiring faces, now all turned to him, “He is now pastoral.”

roman graffiti


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