Pretend Poetry

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Pretend Poetry

pretend poetry

Post-Abbott Australia

Scratching an annoying itch
Lodged in the back of my mind,
A great callousness I find,
Within the realms of Nature,
Laughter that Earth will survive
The self-caused extinction of man.

Post Abbott Australia

Acrosticly Cursed

I am not depressed although I

See clearer than my countrymen.

The two paths and their parting.

Having choice is now behind us.

In a dark and dangerous forest

Showing no escape, no relief, no safety, 

Till Time’s Ending.

Heedless my words drift on to silence.

Embezzled of all hope.

Treat my failure not kindly

Rather stone me for

Unheard my lament is purposeless.

This is not depression, simply

Hopeless unutterable sadness.


Cursed once by Apollo,
And blessed with the power to see
Seeing dreams turned to dust
Seeing darkness fall

Alive still in a Southern land
Not to be believed again
Dreams being destroyed
Repeating myself helplessly

And endlessly the darkness falls.

Stars, the Sky and Love


Bah Humbug

A Christmas Haiku

A year without an
“I Love You” so to hide that
I over-Christmas

Bah Humbug

The Willow


As Democracy Dies

As democracy dies
I’ll stand my ground
And do what the Left
Have always done
And done so well

I’ll stand and sing with my mates
Raising our voices to the sky
So even in their tallest towers
The Bosses will hear and fear.

The bosses may think
They’ve won the war
But without our work
And our skilled hands
They have nothing

I’ll stand and sing with my mates
Raising our voices to the sky
So even in their tallest towers
The Bosses will hear and fear.

If the factories
All stand idle
If all labour is
Withdrawn, withheld
Their power’s broken

I’ll stand and sing with my mates
Raising our voices to the sky
So even in their tallest towers
Bosses will hear and fear.

So grow your own
Enough for you
And your loved ones all
On your small plot
Refuse their bribes.

I’ll stand and sing with my mates
Raising our voices to the sky
So even in their tallest towers
Bosses will shake with fear.

Black and White

Black and White

Despondent Thoughts

Thought on The USA

A land bloated in faith
Lost its Bravery
And Its Freedom
Becoming the evil it fought
And its own worst enemy.

Thought on the ’70s

We knew the ethics of right
Placing flowers in the barrels of guns
Despite all our efforts
The Age of Aquarius died aborning

Thought on Trust

Newborn we learn to trust our elders
Then forever look for others to trust
Never learning to trust ourselves


Mt Lawley Train Station

mt lawley station

On the Midland to Perth Line
The IKEA boxes have been opened.
Releasing flat-pak people
Upon an unsuspecting world

Thoughts as a Storm Approaches


Evening darkness early upon the land
Grey, sly clouds are hanging low, concealing
Growing strength that piles up, hiding power
Grabbing at stratospheric inspiration
Wind is gusting fitfully
With steel in its heart.

Traffic sounds a’hushing, worried faces,
Gusting stops as though the air is drawing
One deep breath in. Soon to let an angry
Unfeeling exhalation terrify
Early roosting birds,
Shelter-seeking humans.

Losing patience,
Years-long abuse,
Held in check no more
Blasting in gales
splitting the dark
with concussive blasts
Hurling both wet
and solid water. Breaking trees,
Hurling tides at
Suddenly vulnerable shores.

Howling! Oh the Howling.

Till after days, or maybe weeks
The air grows tired and realises
Tormenting man will never learn.
Enough of this warning and next time
Gaia’s Breath will be irresistible
With no man left to fear.

Peace Lily, My Wish for the World

Wish for the World

That the peace and safety
You wish for your children
Is also won by the children
Of others

That all the World’s people
Will find enough food
For their individual good
Without greed

That sharing becomes cool
That caring becomes normal
And that hatred disappears


In Which I’m Adverse

The seasons swing around,
The birds will change their sound
Heat and cold interchange
And now my mint has got the mange!

Archy Returns; The Thoughts of a Cockroach

Way back in the 1920’s a newspaper columnist named Don Marquis had a cockroach in his office.

Some nights Archy, for this cockroach had a name and had been a vers libre bard in a previous life, would use Don Marquis’ typewriter to comment in free verse on the things he read in the books he ate. Being able to use the shift or punctuation keys because of his cockroachy limitations, his writings were distinctive.

Some years ago I was honoured to find that Archy had chosen to live with me and some of his computer written offerings are here.

He reappeared last night and I found this on my computer.

I must say that Archy seems to be unable to move into the digital age as the computer keyboard should be much easier for him to use than the old Remington Typewriter he had to bang his head against in the office of his previous host. Yet he still refuses to punctuate!

hey boss
i was reading some of the newspapers
you leave around littering
your office and i was struck
by how your untidy office
is so like the untidy minds
of the australian

like mehitabel who used to be cleopatra
in an earlier life
and now stalks the alleys
at three in the am
not noticing the disconnect
and all she says is wotthehell

wotthehell is what australians say
as they take the bigger paypacket
from the worst government
you have ever had

it must be the worst because
the papers all say it
and when i watch your tv while
you are unaware of me
they all say it is the worst

this must be a terrible time for australia
and the rest of the world
must pity you in your time of trial
or so it must be but when
i read the newspapers from
overseas they seem envious of your
bad governance.

warty bliggins i see has now
a real chance of being
your next ruler though why
you want a toad as a dictator
i cannot fathom

or is it as oscar wilde said
about modern journalism by giving us
the opinions of the uneducated
it keeps us in touch with the
ignorance of the community

so perhaps boss you need to show australia
how to fix itself
you could start by tidying
your very messy office
then tell australia to tidy their very messy minds
and start working for their country

charles de secondat  said that
the tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy
is not so dangerous to public welfare
as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy

so get those complacent australians
thinking again
and leave some cereal in my corner
or i too will think
australia is headed for the skids


All I can do is leave some cereal out for my learned cockroach and perhaps attempt to tidy my office. For I hold grave fears for the future of democracy in my country.


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