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They do things diferently, down at the Port of Fremantle.


Hounen Matsuri (Penis Day)

We males have just ten days to prepare ourselves for this major Japanese festival.

March 15th is Hounen Matsuri (Penis Day), an ancient Shinto celebration of life.

People of the town of Komaki, about 250 miles south of Tokyo, will once again celebrate this fertility festival.

The festival’s main features are Shinto priests playing musical instruments, a parade of ceremonially garbed participants, all-you-can-drink sake, and a 280 kg (620 pound), 2.5 meter (96 inch)-long wooden phallus. The wooden phallus is carried from a shrine called Shinmei Sha (in even-numbered years) on a large hill or from Kumano-sha Shrine (in odd-numbered years), to a shrine called Tagata Jinja.

The festival starts with celebration and preparation at 10:00 a.m. at Tagata Jinja, where all sorts of foods and souvenirs (mostly phallus-shaped or related) are sold. Sake is also passed out freely from large wooden barrels. At about 2:00 p.m. everyone gathers at Shinmei Sha for the start of the procession. Shinto priests say prayers and impart blessings on the participantsi, as well as on the large wooden phallus, which are to be carried along the parade route.

It was carved from a single cypress tree trunk by a 90-year-old man, and is is offered at the shrine as a symbolic prayer for hounen, a fruitful year of abundant harvests and growth for all living things.

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America’s First Climate Refugees

Oh, Messrs Koch, you will be held in contempt by your Grandchildren.


Monsanto Wins Case Of Seed Patents; Planting Your Own Legally Purchased & Grown Seeds Can Be Infringing

The grasping tentacles of this monstrous corporation could do more damage to the human species than any natural disaster.

Looking closely at comment #12


Bulldozers destroy Mayan pyramid in Belize

The historian in me is dismayed and outraged!


Spaceman Hadfield touches down after ISS mission

A good bit of news at last.

Although I wonder if mankind will walk on the moon during my children’s lifetime.

Commander Chris Hadfield can sing a bit as well. Even David Bowie thinks it is a good cover.


New procedure prolongs lives of heart attack victims

This is a really good one. Lifesaving and wonderful.

Tho’ I do wonder what this will do to transplant protocols.


Japanese politician defends use of sex slaves

This one makes me see red. It is so wrong on so many levels!


Oxford Uni honours Thatcher with scholarship

I do hope they are holding her up as a horrible example!


UN urges people to eat insects to fight world hunger

I don’t mind being Green




Relax! It Isn’t A Drop Bear

My first instinct was to run.

Then I realised that drop bears do not show themselves until it is to late to escape!

But my heart was beating nineteen to the dozen for quite a while!

Drop Bears are scary beasties.

On a road outside the small township of  Woorooloo.

No! I don’t know why.

Getting his own back!

Living the Jane Austin Dream

IT is a truth universally acknowledged,Jane Austin, Kate Middleton that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

So wrote Jane Austin ((1775-1817) in Sense and Sensibility.

Now  her eleventh-cousin-six-times-removed’s is living the dream. Kate Middleton has found a young man with a middling-sized fortune and she has become his wife.

Ancestry.com. has found they are linked through Henry Percy, the second Earl of Northumberland, who was born in 1392. Percy was the second great-grandson of King Edward III, making King Edward a distant great-grandfather of Kate’s.

So Kate has simply married back into the family.

The famed genealogical site has made the announcement exactly 200 years after the English novelist published her first literary masterpiece, pippa middleton, pippa middleton's assSense and Sensibility.

<<< We now need to find a fortune-holding young man interested in buying marrying this interesting artifact.

The Purse Demon


Chihuahua Demon


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